JW Marriott Hotel Landed In Qufu, Shandong Province, China,The Birthplace Of Confucius

The JW Marriott brand recently announced that the Qufu Luneng JW Marriott Hotel opened in Shandong, China. The hotel is invested and constructed by Shandong Luneng Qufu Investment Development Co., Ltd.

It is the first JW Marriott brand to enter Shandong Province and the 16th JW Marriott Hotel in Greater China. As another masterpiece of local architecture, the hotel always conveys JW Marriott’s brand philosophy – through a series of modern luxury and authentic service, guests can enjoy the charm of this charming ancient city.

Qufu Luneng JW Marriott Hotel is ideally located in the world heritage site of Ming Dynasty. The architectural design of the hotel is from the hands of Mr. Cui Wei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. This design masterpiece aims to pay tribute to the Chinese classical architectural style. While interpreting the local history, art and culture, it will bring the ancient temperament of Qufu and the modern style of the 21st century. Fusion, both novel and elegant.

The hotel has a total of 197 modern rooms and suites, including 188 individual rooms and 9 suites, ground floors with a separate courtyard and some with views of Confucius Residence. The rooms are elegantly decorated in Chinese style with a height of 3.2 meters and rooms ranging from 45 square meters to 98 square meters. They are equipped with walk-in closets and equipped with state-of-the-art and modern room facilities to create a comfortable stopover experience. The hotel’s exterior design is ingenious and unique, and the roof is decorated with elegant Chinese classical style, with blue brick and ancient tiles, which complements the surrounding environment. There are 16 chimes at the entrance to the lobby. They are both representative of the ancient Chinese percussion instruments, and they carry the glorious history of Chinese culture and classical music, giving the guests an immersive visual experience. Stepping into the quaint and elegant hotel lobby, under the unique glass dome, is a statue of Confucius under the ginkgo tree, commemorating the great achievements of the great educator in the “Xingtan” lecturers.

The JW Marriott Qufu Luneng offers a wide selection of carefully selected local delicacies and beverages to satisfy the taste buds of all guests. The hotel’s signature restaurant, Zou Garden(陬园), offers prestigious local cuisine including Confucian cuisine, New Shandong Cuisine ​​and Cantonese cuisine. The new JW Marriott Hotel has a spacious and versatile ballroom that is ideal for meetings, conventions, awards ceremonies and events.

For guests who want to exercise routinely on the road, Qufu Luneng JW Marriott offers a 24-hour fitness center, a well-lit sports space with state-of-the-art cardio equipment and strength training equipment. In addition, the hotel is equipped with a sunny indoor heated swimming pool, providing guests with a free swimming and a healthy and relaxing lifestyle.

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