Turkish Airlines Will Open Five Lounges At Istanbul Airport

Turkish Airlines has announced that it will open five lounges at Istanbul Airport for business class travelers, Miles & Smiles frequent flyer programs Elite Plus and Elite members, Star Alliance Gold members and corporate club members.

Previously, Turkish Airlines completed the “great relocation” to the new base of Istanbul Airport, one of the most important milestones in the history of the Turkish aviation industry.

At present, Turkish Airlines has opened three lounges at the Istanbul Airport, including the Turkish Airlines Lounge Business Class Lounge, the Miles&Smiles Lounge and the Domestic Lounge. The CIP lounge and arrival lounge are scheduled to open in the summer of 2019.

The Turkish Airlines Business Lounge covers over 60,000 square feet and features 765 seats and 13 exclusive suites with showers. Turkish Airlines also collaborated with the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art to design a 130-square-foot museum.

The Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles frequent flyer lounge covers over 60,000 square feet and features 765 seats and 11 exclusive suites with showers where guests can enjoy comfortable sofa chairs, Turkey and around the world. Delicacy, mobile massage and more. The lounge also features a game console, a golf simulator and a large children’s play area to provide entertainment for the traveler, as well as a virtual reality center with 3D glasses. The two lounges also have meeting rooms, a library and a prayer room.

The Turkish Airlines Domestic Departure Passenger Lounge has an exclusive entrance outside the terminal building. After check-in, passengers can take the bus directly to the boarding gate. The lounge has comfortable sofa chairs, Turkish cuisine, a large children’s play area, multi-screen TV media wall and prayer room.

The overall design concept of the Business Class and Frequent Flyer Lounge reflects the Aegean theme, including the design of the Aegean Breeze. The most distinctive strip wall of the Turkish Airlines Lounge is fluid-inspired and consists of wavy solid wood panels that pass through all lounges. The solid wood panels hovering around the hall use amorphous motion to express the feeling of flow.

Turkish Airlines passengers can enter the lounge with business class airfare, frequent flyer Elite Plus and Elite membership cards, Star Alliance Gold or Corporate Club membership cards.

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