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Air France Salon Lounge Review At Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) Airport Terminal 2F (Schengen)



Air France’s salon lounge at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport’s Terminal 2F is under renovation upon my visit. The ground floor of the lounge has been closed except the reception area, while the underground floor is still accommodating passengers. You can access the lounge with any SkyTeam Elite Plus Status.

My first impression of the lounge is that it’s dark and old and it seems to have been in use for a very long time. The whole 2F terminal is rather crowded and always seems to be running over capacity. Air France uses the ground and underground floor of the terminal to operate its 2 lounges at 2F. This review is on the lounge between gate F41-F56(second pier). It felt a bit cheap although it make sense in a business operating perspective as they probably want to make as much room as possible for store space.

So after taking the escalator(tiny) down from the floor level, you will see the entrance on your left side, you can either check in with the front desk staff or use the automatic scanner opposite to the reception desk. The staff was nice and always greet people in French.(which is okay)

There’s a long walk when you enter the terminal from security to lounge, you will pass a dozen stores and several restaurants(underground) right in front of (next to) the lounge.

A small serving or pick up counter was placed next to the stair down to the underground floor. As it’s explained from the picture taken regarding the partial close of the lounge. They placed it there for passengers to grab and leave. A basket of pear and some small packages of snacks are among the options as well as coffee to go. Some newspaper was on display on the newsstand next to the stairs.

I have to admit, the stairs was beautifully designed and somewhat elegant just like Air France’s flight attendants’ chic uniforms.(old but gold?) As you can see the view from above, it looked like an eye. Although I still have a bit of resentment towards the idea of going downstairs for the lounge.

The underground area is in an L shape, with windows looking out to the concourse, the seating area took the majority of the space and it was jam-packed with people, it took a while for me to find a sofa chair to sit on.

You can see almost all of Air France’s intra-European operation outside the window, including the infamous Joon, which no one understand clear enough about their exact business objective. With all of the jet bridges going to different directions, it looks rather fictional when people walking in and out of those even though the paint on the walling area started to fade and the concrete start to reveal its cement-like surface.

The same set up of food and drinks were repeated 2-3 times alongside the inner wall of the lounge where it connects to the kitchen. In-between those drink stands and serving stations, a few showcase windows was displaying souvenirs of Air France. Some of them looked very interesting and some of them just looked cheap and of low quality. I ended up buying a iPad case made of old Air France’s crew members recycled uniform for 25 Euros.

Decent and business lounge must-haves – coffee machines, were featured with abundant glassware, the interesting thing is that they use the same tableware for their business class onboard dinning service. So maybe if you travelled on a short haul flight in economy class and you have lounge access, it wouldn’t matter that much as the things you can self serve in the lounge would be the same; besides they don’t taste that good anyway. Do you guys agree ?

Magazines were also displayed with the majority of them in French, and a good selection of newspaper both locally and internationally.(as in English)

A soup serving stand were placed at the area in front of the stairs, and the staff will change to a different soup when it’s empty.

Some pastries and cake with a poorly looking fruit salad bowl. Some yogurt were also available and it tasted rather plain. The lounge only serves cold food other than the soup.

A decent selection of soft drinks were also displayed in the cooler fridges, from sparkling water to soda, and Evian water, maybe that’s a french delicacy?

A liquor bar were also featured with a decent selection of drinks. It’s quite standard for lounge to have it nowadays, although I hardly see anyone drink them. As the majority of passengers only grab a beer or a glass of wine. One thing with the lounge is quiet special is that, form time to time, the staff in the lounge will come around with glasses of champagne, I am not sure if they are doing this to create more personal touch or they were just trying to empty those already opened bottles where the bubble will soon go out. It was a nice touch, but they do not served anything else to passengers other than that.

The seats:

I didn’t take pictures of the seating as the majority of them were occupied, this 2 pictures were the one I was seated on when I was about to leave the lounge to board my flights. They have the same layout spread around the lounge and also with some other desks and dinning table setts. The sofa chair was comfortable and behind each of it comes with a usb and normal EU socket. It was quite convenient.

Around dinner time, they put out more food that are dinner-like. With shrimps and chicken slices, I put together a plate of it together, and with the Air France’s onboard tableware, to me, it looked exactly like the food they’ve been serving onboard in business class. Do you guys think so?

The packaged snacks were decent, it was placed sparsely throughout the lounge counters. You should grab some to take with you onboard if inflight meal service was too long of a wait.

Bottom Line:

The Salon Lounge at terminal 2F was relatively of poor quality compared to its peers at CDG, it does make sense as this lounge will be only serving pasengers on flights within Europe, I believe that the renovation it’s a good sign as they are trying to improve service standards here. The lounge also provides shower facilities, however it was closed due to the renovation project. I am hoping to do a new review of it very soon when it’s done polishing up.

I have also learned to not expect too much when comes to European airlines as everybody is doing cost cutting these days, so if you don’t want to spend too much money on food when you are at the airport, this lounge can be a good option to rest and work on your own(not so quiet in peak hours).

I will not give this review a score, it would fail the rating metrics as a whole, also I do not want to raise any controversy around it since the lounge was not fully operating.Other than that, I don’t have much to say, and as an economics student, I am hoping to write an analysis on my website regarding Joon airline’s viability from a economic standpoint, hope you will tune in to read that.

Thanks for reading and leave a comment.

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Lounge Reviews

Air France Salon Lounge Lyon Review, France




The Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport is the second main hub for Air France’s regional subsidiary HOP!, the airline is created to help Air France to keep market share, the only all year round Air France flight operates from Lyon is a feeder route to Paris Charles De Gaulle. The lounge is newly renovated earlier this year and it’s located right outside the gate 21B boarding area; the auto-sliding door at the entrance will get you a lot of attention from people waiting for boarding outside.

Salon Lounge Lyon Decor Details
Salon Lounge Lyon Decor Details

Practical Info:

Contracted Airlines:

  • Air France
  • HOP! by Air France
  • Aeroflot
  • KLM


  • Business Class, First Class on contracted airlines
  • Skyteam Elite
  • €25 or 6,000 Flying Blue Miles *subject to availability

Opening Hours:

  • 5:40-22:00

Area Size:

  • 280 sq. m.
  • 85 seats
  • Dedicated Platinum Ultimate area
Salon Lounge Lyon Air France Entrance
Salon Lounge Lyon Air France Entrance

Seating Area:

Seating Area Salon Lounge Lyon
Seating Area Salon Lounge Lyon

After the renovation earlier this year, the lounge now looks in line with Air France’s new design concept of French chic and elegance, the seating are more comfortable, with different layout options that suits to different passengers need.

Seating Area Near Concourse
Seating Area Near Concourse

In addition to newer seating design, Air France went one step ahead with more dedicated attention for its first class La Premier and Platinum Ultimate passengers with an exclusive seating area which are blocked for them, this corner will get you special attention from lounge staff which includes a light conversation regarding your personal life and then they will bring the slev service items from the counter all the way to you, and even more, they might prepare you with the selv-serve counter snacks to be nicely unwrapped onto a plate in the kitchen and serve it to you with fork, knife and napkins. You will of course also get all the eye attention from other normal elites through the glass wall.

Platinum Ultimate Area Lyon Air France Salon Lounge

Food & Drinks:

The food and drinks options are rather limited, this can be the problem for all Air France Salon Lounges, packaged biscuits and crackers are hardly something people really want to eat, there are as daw as chewing wax, but they are served only for the purpose of having things to offer.

Snacks Option Tresors Poppy Pepper Crackers
Snacks Option Tresors Poppy Pepper Crackers
Packaged Snacks Apple Cake Biscuits
Packaged Snacks Apple Cake Biscuits
Fruit Display Pineapple Cuts
Fruit Display Pineapple Cuts
Pastry Display Counter
Pastry Display Counter
Drink Service Cups
Drink Service Cups

Although the hot drink cups came with a new design, so came the cost-cutting measures like having the chocolate or tea bag being fixed to the cup itself which kan save their staff more time to do inventories check while passengers can feel more like visiting a fast food joint.

Drinks & Beer Display
Drinks & Beer Display


The Air France Salon Lounge at Lyon airport came with the newly expanded Terminal 2 building, facilities and amenities inside the terminal are kept at the minimum while being new and clean, so is what I have to comment about the new lounge. The lounge decor is up to date with Air France’s overall new service concept, while cost cutting had been put into practice at every aspect possible. I certainly wouldn’t recommend paying in any form to gain access to this lounge, as during quieter hours, the terminal itself has more area to sit and explore than this.

Being a frequent traveller these days can only remind people of lowering their own expectations, though the hallway inside the lounge does bring you some peace and solitude while being at such a hectic place like the airport.

Tarmac View From The Lounge
Tarmac View From The Lounge

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Lounge Reviews

LOT Business Polonez Lounge + Star Alliance Elite Club Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland Review



LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Entrance

LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Polonez Sign

Business Lounge Polonez Sign

As the hub operator at Warsaw Chopin airport, LOT Polish Airlines’ lounge within the Schengen area is conveniently located right above the fast track security area. The lounge is not exceptionally big, and during my time of visit before my flight to Frankfurt, the entire lounge was overcrowded. I did managed to find a seat at the corner of the lounge, but no great pictures of different seating options were captured.

LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Entrance

Business Lounge Entrance

Practical Info

  • Location: Terminal A, Schengen area,mezzanine above departures level, close to gate 25/26, accessible by stair or lift;
  • Opening Hours: 5:00 – 23:00;
  • Wi-Fi access: Yes
  • Admission: Business Class, Star Alliance Gold and above, Hon Circle Senator and FTL.

LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Newspaper Stand

Business Lounge Newspaper Stand

The lounge was divided into two different areas, one for business class passengers and one for Star Alliance Gold elites. There’s another check-in agent at the elite lounge which will check your boarding pass again. The elite lounge also has slightly better food and drinks options.

LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Hanging Chair

Business Lounge Hanging Chair

Here’s the only picture I got at the Business Polonez Lounge, as the rest of the area are fully occupied.

LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Food Station Items

Business Lounge Food Station Items

LOT Polish Airlines Business Polonez Lounge Snacks

Polonez Lounge Snacks

LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Polonez Lounge Food Station

Polonez Lounge Food Station

The food and drinks selection are already exceptional at the business lounge area, they have a different variety of options from fresh fruits to snacks and cold cut plate to warm dishes.

The entrance to the Star Alliance Elite Club lounge is quiet narrow, but once entered, you will have a more intimate and private area to relax in.

LOT Polish Airlines Star Alliance Elite Club Lounge Entrance

Star Alliance Elite Club Lounge Entrance

LOT Polish Airlines Elite Club Lounge Seating Sofas

Seating Sofas

LOT Polish Airlines Elite Club Lounge Wall Decorations

Wall Decor

Unfortunately, this part of the lounge was also packed during my visit, so the I only managed to grab some pictures of the seating area in the end hall of the lounge.

LOT Polish Airlines Elite Club Lounge Service Area Overview

Service Area Overview

The elite club lounge offers more choices of warm dishes and better dessert options. Food and drinks at both lounges are being replenished at a fast pace, as numerous staff were constantly working at different stations in the lounge.

Another impressive features is that the lounge offers free spa treatment for all passengers, though they don’t offer full body treatments, you would be able to choose between facial, neck or foot. I was anxious to take off my shoes, so I went with the facial.

The lady who did the treatment was extremely nice, she told me that the lounge been doing the free spa treatment for two years now. Upon finish with the treatment you will also get a free sample of their partner brand’s cosmetic products.

LOT Polish Airlines Business Polonez Lounge Free Treatment Sign

Lounge Free Treatment Sign

Bottom Line

The lounge offers some quality food and drinks options for passengers, most passengers would be able to have a enjoyable visit with all the different features they managed to offer. You may also read my flight review with LOT Polish Airlines.

LOT Polish Airlines Short-haul Business Class Food Service

Short-haul Business Class Food Service

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