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Air New Zealand To Be The First Foreign Airlines Resumes Service To Shanghai From June 22



Following the recent announcement of the “Adjustment of International Passenger Flights” issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Air New Zealand officially announced that it will resume the Auckland-Shanghai passenger route starting this month as the first batch of foreign airlines to be permitted to re-fly to Shanghai. The first 787-9 Dreamliner to perform a return flight will depart from Auckland at 11:00 local time on June 22, and arrive in Shanghai at 7:15 the next morning.

Air New Zealand B787
Air New Zealand B787

Air New Zealand restarts passenger services on the Sino-New-Zeland route to alleviate the urgent travel needs of Chinese and overseas business passengers stranded overseas.

The specific flight schedule is as follows:
Flight No.ScheduleOriginDepartureDestinationArrival

Air New Zealand Resumes Weekly Service To Shanghai, China Following CAAC “5-1” Rules

At present, the alert level of New Zealand has been adjusted to the lowest level at level 1.

In this case, Air New Zealand has resumed flight operations to 20 domestic destinations on June 8, and will also increase the capacity of domestic flights from July or August, and plans to adjust to 55% of the capacity before the outbreak.

Although the operation of the international route network still takes a long time to get on track, the resumption of service to China will undoubtedly strengthen the airline’s confidence.

In order to ensure the health of all passengers and crew, Air New Zealand has strengthened the cleaning and disinfection of airports, VIP lounges and cabins; disinfectant hand sanitizers are provided at airports, check-in counters and aircraft; protective tool kits are provided on flights, medical gloves, disposable masks and other protective items; all headphones, pillowcases and blankets will be fully disinfected before and after use; the 787-9 Dreamliner flying the Shanghai route uses an advanced air filtration system, which not only purifies the air but also has the function of filtering viruses.

During the reduction and even suspension of passenger flights caused by the pandemic, Air New Zealand adjusted its operating strategy in a timely and flexible manner, using its global route network to help pandemic prevention through cargo services, while also ensuring trade interchange between the world.

Albert K. Field Albert is my name, and travel the world is my game. I began my passion for travel at a very young age, I started this website as a strong means to further explore the world of frequent flyers programs (FFP). The relationship between customers and service providers in the aviation and hospitality industry always seems to be in opposition, however, since the introduction of United Airlines’ Frequent Flyers Programm since 1972*. This has significantly eased the middle spectrum between 2 parties. While the aim of airlines is still to generate more revenue; but for us,as consumers, are also given the opportunity to participate in the bargaining and exploiting from service providers. Living in a world of globalization where big data becomes vital for simulating successful economical activities, most of us will have to travel to other locations whether willingly or unwillingly, while you hearing all this fascinating stories about others, In fact, you too, can blend into the trend. It may not sound like how media illustrates, but indeed there are possibilities for us to have more spontaneous travel without getting held back by financial situation. My website consists of reviews of airline premium cabin products,airport lounges and stay reports of 5-star hotels and their executive lounges across the globe. In addition to all of that, I care the most about their frequent flyers program and loyalty program, which also includes banking partners. Plus, I spontaneously put up reviews and news update regarding premium water brands and restaurants. The purpose of this website is to share all of this information with my audience as well as inviting you to be part of my journey.



  1. DFG

    June 16, 2020 at 12:13 pm

    In fact, by accepting inbound passengers now, segregating charges for half a month is also a way to maintain economic development.

    • Pudong Over Daxing

      June 16, 2020 at 12:24 pm

      Cousin, what you said makes sense. I also think that Shanghai’s load capacity is almost saturated. But the problem is that CAAC does not have the ability to guide. For foreign airlines, they will only choose the most profitable route for them to resume. Beijing’s first entry point policy plus the current rebound, airline company is definitely not willing to fly to Beijing, and the only destination is Shanghai.

      In addition, they must be more inclined to choose cities with guarantee capabilities, or even have their own bases, so DL, AF, KL as ST members can only fly PVG, SU side gave up flying CAN from the beginning of the five and PEK, it is impossible to change them now. So little Shanghai had to help Beijing to carry it.

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Emirates Restores Passenger Services To 7 More Cities, Allow Transit Between 48 Cities



Emirates Boeing 777-300er
According to a statement from the Dubai Tourism Board, from July 7, Dubai will allow foreign tourists to enter, and foreign residents holding a Dubai residence visa will be able to enter the country today.
Emirates will be offering scheduled flights for passengers from seven additional cities in the month of July. This will add the total number of destinations that Emirates is offering to 48.

According to Emirates, from July 15, the Emirates A380 will return to the sky and fly to London Heathrow Airport and Paris. No airline in the world is as closely linked to the A380 as Emirates. Before the outbreak, Emirates operated 8 A380 flights daily on the Dubai-London Heathrow route alone.

Other airlines only operate a few A380s, but Emirates’ A380 fleet exceeds 100. In January of this year, Emirates was operating a total of 123 A380s.

Added DestinationDate Of Resumption
from 03 July
from 05 July
Osakafrom 07 July
Naritafrom 08 July
Athensfrom 15 July
from 15 July
Romefrom 15 July

Emirates will be offering scheduled flights for passengers from the above seven additional cities in the month of July.

Passengers can now transit from Emirates’ network of 48 destinations through Dubai airport following the announcement that the city will be open for business and leisure visitors from 07 July, with new air travel protocols that facilitate travel for UAE citizens, residents and tourists while safeguarding the health and safety of visitors and communities.

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Delta Air Lines Returns To Shanghai On June 25, First U.S. Airline Resume Flights To China



Delta A350 Take Off In Toulouse
Delta Air Lines announced today that it will resume the Seattle-Shanghai Pudong route on June 25, the route will have a stopover at Seoul Incheon Airport and the route is operated twice a week.
From July onwards, Delta Air Lines will resume the Seattle-Shanghai Pudong and Detroit-Shanghai Pudong routes, which will also have a stopover at Incheon Airport and each route is to be operated once a week.
Since the suspension of Sino-US routes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in February this year, Delta Air Lines is the first American airline to resume Sino-US routes.
At present, several Chinese airlines have announced flight schedules to the United States for July, including Air China’s route between Beijing and Los Angeles, China Southern Airlines’ route between Guangzhou and Los Angeles, and China Eastern Airlines’ Shanghai-New York route etc.

Shanghai neon city
Shanghai neon city, Nanjing Road

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in China at the end of January, Delta Air Lines announced on January 31 that it will suspend all scheduled passenger flights to China. The flight suspension was extended at the end of April and it has continued till this day. However, as China’s domestic pandemic situation is controlled, the market demand for flights from the United States to China has increased significantly. The situation coincided with the China Civil Aviation Administration’s targeted strict restrictions imposed on the Sino-US routes as an effort to cooperate with the overall national pandemic prevention strategy.

Delta Cargo Flights To Asia
Delta Cargo Flights To Asia, Image by James Jones

After several rounds of “confrontation” between the relevant departments of the two countries, the current weekly flight volume is set at the scale of four flights each week between China and the United States, and American airlines have finally been approved to reopen Chinese routes.

According to the press statement released by Delta Air Lines, the Shanghai-Seattle route will be operated by the Airbus A350-900 aircraft, and Delta Air Lines is committed to providing clean and safe travel services for passengers.

“We are excited to resume our services between the U.S. and China, as economic and social activities start to recover, with a mission to connect the world, Delta is committed to getting our customers to their destinations safely and confidently, especially at this critical time. We are implementing unprecedented health and safety measures and practices, so customers are assured of ease and safety at all points of their journey.”

Wong Hong, Delta’s President – Greater China and Singapore

Delta Air Lines schedule for June, July and beyond:
RouteFlightDepartureArrivalOperating DaysFleet
SEA-ICN-PVG28723:304:45June 25-26 A350
PVG-ICN-SEA2889:157:15June 27-28 A350

Passenger service (June 25 – 30)
RouteFlightDepartureArrivalOperating DaysFleet*

Passenger service (July 1 – Oct. 24)
*Note: Transitions to A330-900 starting August 1.

RouteFlightDepartureArrivalOperating DaysFleet

Passenger service (July 1 – Oct. 24)

In addition to Delta Air Lines, another U.S. carrier, United Airlines, has also been approved to resume scheduled passenger flights in China, and it should soon announce its latest related flight plans.

On June 19, the US Department of Transportation rejected China’s application for further increase in the number of weekly flights and insisted on maintaining the current plan for 4 flights each.

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