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Cathay Pacific Airways Labor Union: We Are Not Thieves!



Courtesy of Cathay Pacific

According to a comprehensive foreign media report, the Cathay Pacific Air Passengers Union said that its members felt “angered” in the recent media reports that Cathay Pacific flight attendants were “thieves.”

Last week, Cathay Pacific took a surprise patrol of a flight from South Korea to Hong Kong, and found croissants, milk, cheese and other on-board items from the baggage of several flight attendants. This matter subsequently became a hot spot in media coverage.

According to the South China Morning Post, thief-small acts have always been regarded as an informal benefit. Common items that the flight attendants have taken without permission from Cathay include pens, extra on-board travel kits, cutlery, wine glasses, and even bread. .

Cathay Pacific flight service manager Ed Higgs cautioned employees that the new zero tolerance policy applies to everything, regardless of value.

However, the union representing the flight attendants of Cathay said that the relevant reports referred to all flight attendants as thieves without any actual evidence. For the six flight attendants who were caught, the union said that the whole incident was exaggerated and the report was not accurate.

However, the union also admitted that some flight attendants will take away some uneatable perishable food that would have been disposed of. It said: “Sometimes, some people may feel that it is too wasteful to let perishable items be disposed of. Cathay certainly has the right to stop us from saving the environment, but it is intolerable to us to call us thieves.”

In addition, Cathay Pacific flight attendants revealed to the media that Cathay employees’ meals are as good as those in economy class meals. The flight attendants can only wait for the passengers to choose the meals before they can use the remaining meals as employee meals. Strictly speaking, these are just “kitchens leftovers”. Because some of the routes have short voyages, the flight attendants have no time to eat, so they can only bring one or two croissants to deal with hunger when they are off the plane. The flight attendant admitted that the incident caused the confidence of the staff to be low. The company only conducted surprise inspections for the flight attendants, but other personnel who could be on the plane were not inspected. It’s incomparable between the small amount of food that the employees took away and the investment loss due to Cathay’s fuel hedging futures holding.

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SAS Resume Once Weekly Flight To Shanghai With A350



SAS A350 Livery Rear View

From 29 September, Scandinavian Airlines will once again be possible to fly direct to China. Direct flights between Scandinavia and China with SAS has been stopped since 31 January. The airline has obtained approval from the Chinese authorities and is reopening the route from its hub from Copenhagen to Shanghai with a weekly frequency.

SAS will resume flights from Copenhagen Airport to Shanghai Pudong International Airport on September 29, 2020. The flight runs once a week from Copenhagen to Shanghai every Tuesday and from Shanghai to Copenhagen every Thursday. This route will use our brand new Airbus 350 to fly. The Airbus 350 has advanced engines and cabins, which can reduce emissions by 30% compared to the models it replaces. The specific flight schedule is as follows:

  • SK997 takes off from Copenhagen at 18:40 and arrives in Shanghai at 10:55+1 (the next day)
  • SK998 Departs from Shanghai at 13:10 and arrives at Copenhagen at 18:30

The reopening of this route is vital for trade. 

With the reopening of the route, SAS is aiming to meet demand for business travel and air freight services between Scandinavia and China.

At the end of October, SAS is also planning to resume flights to Beijing provided that SAS obtains the necessary approval from the authorities.

SAS is currently flying to 75 destinations and operates up to 380 flights a day. 

SAS is monitoring market developments on a weekly basis and is ready to step up its services when travel restrictions are eased and demand for travel increases again. 

SAS has introduced a range of measures aimed at meeting new demands in the work to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Please find more information here.

SAS Business Class Cabin Bar
SAS Business Class Cabin Bar

Regarding Onboard Service:

SAS Gold airport lounge at Copenhagen Airport is now open and has been adjusted according to the current situation, providing some packaged food and some buffet meals. SAS have also stepped up cleaning efforts and focused on maintaining a safe distance and reducing contact.

During the flight, meals and beverages are being provided no matter which class you are in, passengers can enjoy two meals during the flight, however, the bar in business class was temporarily closed during this period. The catering services will be different from the past due to pandemic restrictions.

SAS, Scandinavia’s leading airline, flies 30 million passengers to, from and within Scandinavia each year. The airline has three main hubs – Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm – with more than 125 destinations in Europe, USA and Asia. Spurred by a Scandinavian heritage and sustainable values, SAS will reduce total carbon emissions by 25 percent by 2025 and use sustainable aviation fuel equivalent to the total fuel used to operate all SAS domestic flights, by 2030.

In addition to flight operations, SAS offers ground handling services, technical maintenance and air cargo services. SAS is a founder member of the Star AllianceTM, and together with its partner airlines offers around 19,000 daily flights to over 1,300 destinations worldwide.

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