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Confirmed: Hainan Airlines To Fly Three Times Weekly Between Beijing And Oslo Spring 2019



Hainan Airlines To Fly Three Times Weekly Between Beijing And Oslo Spring 2019

It’s finally here, it’s been almost a year since I last wrote about Hainan Airlines’ plan to open direct flights between Beijing and Oslo. It looks now we are one big step closer to make it a reality.

Hainan Airlines To Fly Oslo – First Step Forward

Much of my expression in the last post are still in many way factual to the reality we live in today, as just earlier today, the royal couple – King Harald V of Norway and Queen Sonja of Norway met with President Xi Jingping of China in Beijing, together with a business delegation of more than 340 people signed 24 cooperation agreements; Noticeably the one signed between Hainan Airlines and Avinor Norway.

The route between Oslo and China will be operated by an Airbus A330-300 aircraft with 292 seats in a two class configuration with 32 flatbed business class seats and 260 economy class seats. Hainan Airlines will have three weekly departures from Oslo Airport.

Political tensions between China and Norway has not been the only obstacle in making direct flight between two countries a possibility, financially troubled Hainan Airlines has been surrounded with scandals whether the conglomerate will even survive after being ordered by the goverment to pay back the “bills” they have missed with their previous “shopping spree”.


Now, it looks like after getting approved by aurthorties in both countries as well as the contract being officially signed between two parties today, we will be able to see the  flights become bookable in no time, hopefully with good connections too.


Hainan Airlines Economy Cabin


Hainan Airlines Business Class Cabin

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Route Network

KLM Prepares To Operate At Half Capacity This Winter



KLM Fleet At Amsterdam Airport

The planned upscaling of KLM’s European network in September has been put on hold owing to adjusted travel warnings, prompting Code Orange (essential travel only) designations for the UK, Spain, parts of France and other countries. Compared to August KLM’s route network in September and October remains stable.

Parked KLM Fleet, Image Rights: Marco Spuyman
Parked KLM Fleet, Image copyight: Marco Spuyman

The European Commission has announced the extension of the ‘slot waiver’ to the entire winter timetable. This has enabled KLM to respond more adequately to the rapidly changing market conditions as a result of COVID-19, even during the winter season. 

In addition to the financial impact, operating less well-filled flights would also be undesirable from a sustainability perspective.

“We are making all possible savings within the group and in the companies, which is essential to be able to get through the months to come.”

Air France-KLM CEO Benjamin Smith told French daily L’Opinion

He believes that it may take until 2024 for Air France-KLM Group’s business to return to the level of 2019.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, KLM’s winter schedule will be a lot more restricted than it was in the same period last year. The timetable for the European network in November is currently around 55% of capacity in 2019.

KLM was gradually and responsibly expanding its European and intercontinental network, after the corona crisis had prompted severe restrictions on destinations and frequencies. 

KLM’s primary aim is to offer customers the widest range of destinations, after which we will consider increasing the number of frequencies or expanding capacity by deploying larger aircraft.

In August, KLM served almost 100% of its European network in terms of destinations, with capacity at approximately 60% compared to pre-corona levels.

  • Effective 25 October 2020, KLM will begin operating daily flights to the Polish city of Poznan.

Intercontinentally, KLM served 80% of its destinations at 60% capacity. At present, a third of these intercontinental flights are carrying cargo only. This means seat capacity is way down. KLM will carry passengers on these flights again as soon as local travel regulations allow.

  • From the beginning of September, KLM will resume a twice-weekly service to the Chinese city of Hangzhou, flying via Seoul Incheon in South Korea. 
  • KLM will also operate a twice-weekly service to Cairo.
  • Riyadh will also be added to the KLM network as a new destination (original start was September 26th, but is now scheduled for December 7th). 
  • On 29 October, KLM will also start a circle flight to add Edmonton back to the Canadian network. The flight will depart to Calgary, then call at Edmonton and fly back to Amsterdam.

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