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Donald Trump l Trump Card Privilege Programm Guideline ft.The Kardashian



Trump Hotel Las Vegas

Despite Donald Trump has been constantly brought up for almost as much as the frequency the Kardashians these days,It caught my attention of Trump Hotel’s Loyalty Program as it called— Trump Card Privilege Program.This post is a evaluation report upon both the hotel chain appearance and the program itself.

Trump Hotel Panama

There are 3 tiers of the Trump Card Privilege Program,From Privileges Member which you get for free upon registering, and Exclusive Gold and Exclusive Platinum which each required 10 Stays or 25 Nights for Gold and 25 Stays or 50 Nights for Platinum which is a decent layout of many general loyalty program, another perk of this program is that you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to get your status evaluated rather they just grant you the status for the rest of the year as well as the next calendar year, which means you can maximise to obtain for almost (just almost) 2 year status benefits.

Accumulate Points

At all Trump Properties there are only 4 types of rooms—Guest rooms,One-bedroom Suites,Two-bedroom Suites and Penthouses.As the Chart below shows,you can see that the points is not revenue-based which means it doesn’t matter the price you paid for the room just simply the room category you have.

You will also get bonus points depends on you Tier Status.

Redemption for Award Nights

As the following chart shows all the redemption requirement for and only for Guest Rooms and One-Bedroom Suites, as well as One-Bedroom Suite Upgrade; the lowest cost is 70 points for upgrade at Trump International Hotel & Tower Panama and Trump International Hotel Las Vegas.

For Guest rooms and suites the lowest is Trump International Hotel & Tower Panama and Trump International Hotel Las Vegas as well for 150 points and 250 points,but the most expensive is Trump International Hotel & Tower New York,which again the Kardashians have stayed at.It’s 350 points for guest rooms and 600 points for one-bedroom suites.

Khloe and Kylie in front of Trump Tower

Kim and North in front of Trump Tower

After all, the Trump Hotels and Towers are considerably rather fancy compared to other hotel chains ,they are much more better than the Hampton’s and as they don’t build medium properties to show strong market appearance but rather focus on the high-end spectrum of the industry,but I wouldn’t say they are sharing top-tier customers with Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons yet,but they are defiantly up there somewhere.

Trump Hotel & Tower Lobby

Meeting Area

Member benefits

The charts shows all the benefits you can get with different tiers,but to my opinion,it’s nothing really surprising enough to have a Wow effect,but you can definitely see yourself in needs of things like a 15 dollar mini-bar credit.

Bottom Line

Trump International Hotel Room Chicago

The Trump Hotels chain is not widespread but definitely international enough, they have properties from major US cities from the west to the east coast, and Hawaii,Panama and even Bali and Ireland etc.The cheapest rate for a guest room is around 200 dollar and the more expensive is up to around 600 dollar if you book early. As they don’t offer any other sort of points earning methods, neither can you do a status match, this has made the program rather stand still with no connections to the business travellers’ world, but I am pretty sure all the fans and fame Trump have gained through the heating politics have secure those properties with strong customer flow.

I believe what’s interesting is to see what’s gonna happen next, will there be expansion for the chain to other counties and continents ? As well as what the political future of Donald Trump Holds.

Leave your comments to let me know what you think of this.

Stay tuned !

Trump Tower New York

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The 101st Ritz-Carlton Hotel In The World Settled In Nanjing, China



Drop Off Area Ritz Nanjing
Recently, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, part of the Marriott International Group, announced that the 101st Ritz-Carlton Hotel in the world will officially enter Nanjing on June 28, 2020 to welcome guests.
The Ritz-Carlton, Nanjing is located at the new business district’s street junction in the central area of the city, next to Deji Plaza, seamlessly connected to the subway line through Deji Plaza shopping mall, and convenient to reach all major attractions in the city. With superior transportation location, convenient shopping and entertainment facilities and legendary services of gentlemen and ladies, the hotel reshapes historical classics from a new perspective, injects vitality into the ancient city and inspires new enthusiasm.

Ritz-Carlton Nanjing Deluxe Room
Ritz-Carlton Nanjing Deluxe Room

Nanjing is one of the four ancient capitals of China with a long history of more than 2500 years. It is recognized by UNESCO as the “World Literary Capital” and one of the important commercial centers in East China. Numerous world famous enterprises, profound cultural heritage, world-renowned literary works and world cultural heritage such as Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum and Zhongshan Mausoleum in famous scenic spots attract business and leisure travelers from all over the world.

The Ritz-Carlton Nanjing is located on the 38th to 62nd floors of the office building of Deji Plaza, the hotel has 295 elegant rooms, including 32 suites with kitchen and dining room. This will be a Marriott Bonvoy category four property which would be ideal to redeem points for a luxurious stay experience.

The hotel has 32 suites which starts at 130 sqm all equipped with separate bedroom and living room. Ritz Nanjing’s 11 Executive Suite and 19 Club Executive Suite are all 130 sqm of size, while the only two signature suite of the Carlton Suite and the Ritz-Carlton Suite are of 245 sqm and 300 sqm respectively.

Unlike many other Marriott Group brands, the club lounge access can solely be purchased with cash, which makes the five meals daily executive lounge at Ritz Carlton hotels something exclusively irrespective of status. Although, hotels in Asia generally are more willing to offer upgrades and even in rare instances, granting free club lounge access to elite members.

Ritz-Carlton Nanjing Executive Lounge
Ritz-Carlton Nanjing Executive Lounge

The base room category starts from a massive 50 sqm, while the highest category signature suite of Ritz Nanjing- the Ritz-Carlton Suite, sitting on top of the 60th floor with 300 sqm with its very own spa room and separate study,
dining area with a kitchen and full wine cellar.

Ritz-Carlton Nanjing Ritz-Carlton Suite Living Room
Ritz-Carlton Nanjing Ritz-Carlton Suite Living Room

The bathroom of the guest room is open and bright, and the panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass windows sit on the fascinating city skyline and mountain lake view.

Ritz-Carlton Nanjing Bathroom
Ritz-Carlton Nanjing Bathroom

The interior design cleverly combines Eastern aesthetics and Western classic styles, and integrates the “five elements” of gold, wood, water, fire, and soil in traditional Chinese culture. It is expressed through different building materials, decorations, and artworks, making guests feel like they are gorgeous. Carefully selected master works of art, an elegant atmosphere, and the well-known legendary service of Ritz create a leisurely living space above the bustling city.

Executive chef Mr. Sven Heinrich Wunram has worked in many Ritz-Carlton hotels and Michelin restaurants in Europe, America and Asia. Chinese restaurant executive chef Zeng Weiqiao from Hong Kong also has extensive experience in Michelin restaurants. An experienced chef will lead an acclaimed elite culinary team to perform a memorable Chinese and Western feast for gluttons from all over the world. Guests can enjoy the high-altitude views while enjoying the special cuisine in the five unique restaurants of the hotel: Xinyi(馨逸) all-day dining restaurant full of southern French style, tribute to the classic Cantonese cuisine, Diyuexuan(帝粤轩), which is based on Huaiyang cuisine. Ning Restaurant(品宁府) with its finest Nanjing cuisine, Lobby Lounge overlooking the stunning city view and FLAIR top restaurant and bar.

The hotel also has banquet and conference venues with a total area of ​​more than 2200 square meters. The elegant and flexible event venue is equipped with gentle and professional services of gentlemen and ladies. It is an ideal place to hold corporate events, intimate parties and romantic weddings.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa has 8 treatment rooms, providing a variety of novel facial treatments and wellness programs such as Lotus Yujing skin rejuvenation treatment and Yuhua hot stone active treatment, so that guests can relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. At the same time, guests can regain their vitality in the advanced gym, yoga room and indoor heated swimming pool.

Every day at sunset, the lighting ceremony held in the lobby lounge allows guests to fully experience the elegant and authentic traditional culture of Nanjing. The lotus lantern symbolises the Qinhuai River, the mother river in Nanjing, and the inspiration for many immortal masterpieces written by ancient scholars and scholars in ancient times. The music rang and the lights dimmed. The lady in elegant cheongsam held the lotus lamp and walked through the lobby. Afterwards, the gentlemen and ladies of the hotel presented Nanjing specialty snacks and Yuhua Tea to interpret this ancient civilisation with diverse perspectives from a new perspective.

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