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IBERIA’s Unbelievable Promotion To Get 90,000 Avios For 300 Pounds



If you’ve previously took advantage of the bankruptcy of Air Berlin, you probably have status-matched yourself to have IBERIA ORO til 2019, then this so-called “promotion of the year” (as claimed by Ben Schlapigg from OneMileatatTime) is something you definitely should be a part of.

Website Promo Image IBERIA's Unbelievable  Promotion To Get 90,000 Avios For 300 Pounds

Iberia is currently giving 9,000 Avios for each trip you book with them, so in reality, you can book 10 one-way segments with them to maximise this promotion getting 90,000 Avios. You would have to book all flights by 24 June (HURRY!) and use the bonus Avios by 1st December of 2018(this year).

So there’s a certain level of restriction here but if you plan carefully, this could one of the best deal we’ve seem in a long time.

Here’s the things to watch out for in order to get those Avios:

  • There’s no registration requirement as long as you include your Iberia Plus number in the booking.

  • You need to fly Iberia, Iberia Express, and Air Nostrum.

  • You need to book directly on

  • You may book one-way segment under each reservation, so ideally you may split one return journey into two single one-ways.

Regarding the Avios:

  • You can earn a maximum of 90,000 Avios during the promotion period

  • The Avios will be added to your account within 10 days of when you purchase your ticket (and not when you fly)

Terms & Conditions:

Special offer of an extra 9,000 Avios for each ticket purchased between 21 and 24 June 2018 (maximum of 90,000 promotional Avios per member) on for a flight operated by Iberia, Iberia Express or Air Nostrum. The Avios will be added within 10 days of the purchase to the Iberia Plus account of all customers identified as members of the Iberia Plus programme during the purchase process.

If the customer requests a refund, either because it is permitted by the fare or for any other reason, the promotional Avios will be withdrawn from their account. The extra promotional Avios not redeemed by 1 December 2018 will be withdrawn from the customer’s account. The redemption terms and conditions are subject to the general terms and conditions of the Iberia Plus programme.

For example, if a customer purchases tickets on for three people to fly from Seville to Madrid and two of the people are identified as Iberia Plus members during the purchase process, 9,000 Avios will be credited to both of these people within 10 days of the purchase. These two people must have redeemed at least 9,000 Avios by 1 December 2018, or this same amount of Avios will be withdrawn from their account.

Complements to the offer:

UK Topcashback:

You may access Iberia’s website through Topcashback UK’s portal and in addition to your normal earnings and the promotion above, you will get 3.67 pounds each booking you make.

IBERIA UK CASHBACK IBERIA's Unbelievable  Promotion To Get 90,000 Avios For 300 Pounds

Promo Codes:

Regarding some promo codes currently circulating around now, it will be interesting to see if Iberia will honour those bookings.

You may only choose one of the options I suggested above, as Topcashback don’t honour bookings with discounted codes. I would prefer the cash back option just to play it safe.


You can easily find one way flight between city pairs like MAD – PMI for as low as 26 pounds as I see.

Flight Details Iberia IBERIA's Unbelievable  Promotion To Get 90,000 Avios For 300 Pounds

Here you can search destinations on the route map I’ve included or you may play around with google flights to find suitable dates.

Europe Routes by Iberia 2017

You can book flights and don’t even fly them, or since there’s no restriction on the time you need to travel, thus you may book for some flights next year where could come in handy in the summer? The decision here is really up to you, as 90,000 Avios for around 300 pounds is an amazing deal already, but jetting around Spain (Europe) and chugging on free drinks to get even more Avios and elite points wouldn’t be that of a hassle either.

So hope everyone reading this can benefit from this generous promotion, don’t forget that Avios redeemed by 1st December can be flights even longer after the date.

IBERIA's Unbelievable  Promotion To Get 90,000 Avios For 300 Pounds

I am happy to hear which route you guys are going to redeem 90,000 plus Avios on.


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Japan Airlines Reinstates Service To Guangzhou, China From October 2, 2020



Japan Airlines First Airbus 350 Delivery

Japan Airlines (JAL) yesterday revised its flight frequency plans for the month of October 2020. Starting October 2, JAL will reinstate service between Tokyo Narita and Guangzhou with a weekly frequency. 

According to Kyodo News, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines announced on the 24th that they will resume some Chinese routes in the near future.

Currently, the two companies each have only one route to mainland China. Due to the adjustment of flight restrictions by the Chinese authorities, other routes will also be partially restored. This will be the first time scheduled flights to China have been resumed among the routes grounded after the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to the current “Narita-Shanghai” route, ANA will resume the “Narita-Qingdao” and “Narita-Guangzhou” routes from September 30.

Flights to Shanghai are round-trip once a week, and ANA is discussing increasing the number of flights in the future.

JAL currently flying the “Narita-Dalian” route will also add the “Narita-Guangzhou” route from October 2.

Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200
Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200

16SEP Press Memo Dalian Service Chart.png
Note – The schedule is valid for the month of September 2020 only.
Flight schedules for October will be announced at a later date.

Reservations and sales for flights to Guangzhou will be available from September 24. (12:00 Japan Time) In addition, the carrier announced the decision to offer three flights per week between Tokyo Narita=Dalian throughout the month of October.

The JAL Group has continued to implement key measures against COVID-19 to provide our customers with a safe and secure travel experience and look forward to welcoming back customers as international flights gradually return to service.

Note – The schedule is valid through October 23 only.
Future schedules will be announced at a later date.

Flights are subject to government approvals.

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