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IHG Launches Mid- to high-end Suite Hotel Brand Atwell Suites



InterContinental Hotels Group announced the launch of the new suite hotel brand, Atwell Suites, at the Americas Investors and Leaders Summit in Las Vegas, USA on May 15th.

InterContinental Hotels Group expects Atwell Suites to open its contract through the franchise model in the fall of 2019. The first hotels will begin construction in 2020 and will open in 2021. The initial development of the brand will be concentrated in the US market and will be based on new construction.

The brand is positioned in the mid- to high-end hotels of InterContinental Hotels Group and continues to strengthen the Group’s leading position in this sector. At the same time, it will target an industry segment with a valuation of approximately US$18 billion to meet the strong demand of passengers and owners.

InterContinental Hotels Group is committed to bringing new growth opportunities to hotel owners and operators, and providing quality services to passengers. The creation of Atwell Suites is based on this philosophy. Through this strategic initiative, InterContinental Hotels Group has successfully cultivated a series of high-quality mid-range and mid-to-high-end brands, including one of the fastest growing brands in the industry, Holiday Inn Express, to meet shorter-term accommodation needs. For a simple, smart travel experience; Avid Hotels; and the extended stay hotel brands Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suite for a week or more.

Keith Barr, CEO of InterContinental Hotels Group, said: “The tailor-made Atwell Suites brand will meet the huge demand for suite hotel brands in the mid- to high-end hotel market, and our new brand will be available to owners and travelers today. The hotel’s premier experience – a stylish suite for office, social or exploration in a four to six night stay. As the group continues to grow, the brand will further enhance our leading position in the mid to high end hotel sector. “”

The development of the new brand refers to the results of the passenger survey. Research shows that more and more guests are looking for new categories between traditional long-stay and traditional select service hotels that offer differentiated and memorable experiences and just the right facilities and services. This travel trend is also in line with the desire of many InterContinental Hotels Group owners to introduce new concept hotel brands in the local market.

Elie Maalouf, CEO of InterContinental Hotels Group, said: “InterContinental Hotels Group has been at the forefront of promoting and achieving hotel brand innovation, anticipating market, home and customer needs, and ultimately achieving long-term brand value and high customer satisfaction.

The birth of Atwell Suites is a great example of how we can gain new growth opportunities by gaining insight into the needs of travellers and collaborate with our owners to develop custom new brands. This highly anticipated new brand is the success of the group. Another powerful move after the launch of the Avid Hotel is also the fastest brand release in the group’s history.”

Atwell Suites offers guests more than just rooms to stay in, as well as opportunities to discover new things, learn and grow while traveling – some guests may extend their stay in order to explore their destination more deeply. With this in mind, InterContinental Hotels Group has created this brand new hotel brand for “Explorer Explorers” to provide an optimized solution for accommodation for four to six nights, integrating hotel space flexibility and launching various activities that encourage social interaction. , draw closer to the relationship between travel companions.

Atwell Suites is a strong complement to InterContinental Hotels Group‘s existing portfolio of mature brands, priced in the mid- to high-end hotel range. The well-designed and flexible spaces make your stay more comfortable and memorable, helping them to easily switch between work and leisure time.

Atwell Suites Brand Video

The initial facility features of the Atwell Suites brand include:

All-studio suites:

Atwell Suites will offer open-plan suites with separate living and seating areas; a kitchenette area with a countertop refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and sink; Work area with desk; pull-out sofa; bathroom with oversized vanity; and a wardrobe that can be used from both the room and bathroom.

Connected and collaborative space:

Guests can easily reach the public areas from their rooms, whether you are relaxing, working, collaborating or socializing, you can find the most comfortable way to do this. Atwell Suites is designed to allow guests to create their own environment as needed, with more flexible meeting and meeting spaces – including meeting rooms into the lobby, outdoor spaces, small discussion areas, and public/private work areas.

“Golden Hours” F&B:

Atwell Suites offers a variety of dining options in the morning and evening. All hotels offer a complimentary hot breakfast, including two or three signature hot dishes, cold side dishes, take-away food and quality coffee. Alternatively, guests can head to the Lobby Bar for a glass of wine and snacks after a busy day.

Leading technology innovation:

Atwell Suites will use IHG® Connect, the leading hotel Wi-Fi system in InterContinental Hotels Group. IHG® Studio will also be available to provide a rich entertainment experience with a personal device such as a smartphone and a 55-inch TV in the room. Self check-in is easily done on the tablet near the reception/bar area.

All brands of InterContinental Hotels Group are committed to providing a comfortable experience for the owners, and Atwell Suites is no exception, and its construction, operation and maintenance are very efficient.

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Marriott Temporarily Closed 1825 Hotels Worldwide, 70 In China Reopened



Yogyakarta Marriott Exterior
Marriott International announced its first quarter results on the evening of April 14, The key performance indicator, Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR), is expected to decline by 23% globally. Marriott now initially plans to close 25% of the world’s hotels (about 1825 hotels), including 870 in North America and 500 in Europe. In addition, more than 70 hotels in China have reopened.
Marriott International
Marriott International

According to the report, in March, Marriott Global Hotel’s RevPAR(revenue per available room) is expected to fall by 60%. Over the same period, North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe fell by 57%, 74%, and 71% respectively; the Caribbean and Latin America fell by 57%; the Middle East and Africa also fell by 56%.

The company anticipates further hotel closures and erosion in RevPAR performance and does not expect to see a material improvement until there is a view that the spread of COVID-19 has moderated and governments have lifted restrictions. Marriott cannot presently estimate the financial impact of this unprecedented situation, which is highly dependent on the severity and duration of the pandemic, but expects that it will continue to be material to the company’s results.

A Marriott spokesman said in the announcement: “Because of the uncertainty of the severity and duration of the coronavirus epidemic, Marriott is currently unable to estimate the specific impact of the current situation on the Group’s finances. Although China has begun an initial recovery, the rest of the world has not yet sthbilized and it is expected that there will not be a substantial improvement in the next performance. “

Before the crisis subsides and travel restrictions are lifted, Marriott’s preliminary plan would be to temporarily close about 25% of Marriott’s more than 7,300 hotels worldwide. According to statistics, the current hotel occupancy rate in North America is only 10%, and 870 hotels in the region will be temporarily closed; the occupancy rate in Europe is also less than 10%, and about 500 hotels are temporarily closed.

It is worth noting that in the first week of April, the occupancy rate of the Marriott Hotel in Greater China rose to about 20%. According to STR data, the hotel occupancy rate in mainland China once hit a new low of 7% in early February. More than 90 Marriott hotels that were temporarily closed in China in the past have now reopened more than 70 hotels.

Shanghai Marriott Pudong Exterior
Shanghai Marriott Pudong Exterior

In the current major economies of the world, the Chinese hotel industry is expected to be the least affected by the pandemic. International hotel groups will pay more attention to the Chinese market in the future. Therefore, industry insiders believe that the corporate values of hotel management companies will not be changed by this, and the number of hotel contracted post-2020 pandemic period will remain stable and hotel investments will be more rational.

At present, the spread of the global pandemic continues to affect the performance of the world’s largest hotel company, and the Marriott Group is still waiting for stability in other parts of the world.

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Hotel Development

Marriott Bonvoy Extends Elite Status Globally



JW Marriott Cabo San Lucas

From a press statement update from the CEO of Marriott International today, Marriott is extending Marriott Bonvoy elite membership status globally for a year. These includes all elite levels from Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, and all the way to Ambassador.

Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy

“For Our Marriott Bonvoy Members

I also want to take a moment to address our Marriott Bonvoy members. Like many of you, frequent travel is a way of life for me and most of the Marriott team. It is the way we connect, get inspired and evolve our business every day. While it is the right thing to do, it’s been hard not to be able to travel. We know that when you get back in the air and on the road, your points and status will be important to you.

  • Status Extension: We want you to be able to enjoy the status that you earned in 2019. With that in mind, the status you earned in 2019 will be extended to February 2022.
  • Points Expiration: To provide you ample time to redeem points, the expiration of points will be paused until February 2021. At that time, your points will only expire if your account has been inactive for at least 24 months.

As the days unfold, we will continue to monitor and evolve our program requirements as necessary.

We’ve heard from many of you asking how you can help. Through Marriott Bonvoy’s Giving Platform, you can donate your Marriott Bonvoy points to relief organizations that are active in COVID-19 responses around the world and that Marriott is also supporting, including the American Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, UNICEF and World Central Kitchen.

Thank you for being a member of our loyalty program or simply for staying with us – we consider you a part of the extended Marriott family. We will travel again, and we can’t wait to welcome you back.

Until that day comes, stay well.

Arne M. Sorenson
President and Chief Executive Officer”

Our Continued Efforts: We Will Travel Again

This is wonderful news after the extension policy was released for the Greater China region earlier this year, now Marriott has stated that they will come back with more updates for those who would like to qualify for elite status this year regarding how they would adjust the elite qualifying requirements.

Reservation flexibility in this period still applies til June 30, 2020 as updated as follows:

“For Our Customers

We remain committed to ensuring our customers experience flexibility during these challenging times, so we have further extended our cancellation policy and I wanted to give you an update on those changes.

For guests with existing reservations for any future arrival date, including reservations with pre-paid rates that are typically more restrictive, we will allow full changes or cancellation without a charge up to 24 hours prior to arrival, as long as the change or cancellation is made by June 30, 2020. Please note that any changes to existing reservations will be subject to availability and any rate differences.

For guests making new reservations for any future arrival date, including reservations with pre-paid rates, between March 13 and June 30, 2020, we will allow the reservation to be changed or cancelled at no charge up to 24 hours before your scheduled arrival date.

Please continue to visit our website for the most up-to-date information.”

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