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China’s largest private full-service airline, Juneyao Airlines, has officially announced the opening of a regular direct flight service between Zhengzhou and Helsinki, using their flagship fleet of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

This is not only the second intercontinental direct flight route opened by Juneyao Airlines, but also the first new intercontinental route announced by a Chinese airline since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The Zhengzhou-Helsinki route will be inaugurated on October 12 with a Boeing 787-9 aircraft, the flight is scheduled on a weekly basis. 

This will be Juneyao Airlines’ second intercontinental flight route, and the Shanghai Pudong-Helsinki route has been operated from June 2019 until now. The first Zhengzhou-Helsinki flight will depart on October 12, 2020, using the flagship fleet Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to operate once a week.

Juneyao Airlines B787 Livery
Juneyao Airlines B787 Livery

Juneyao Airlines is the first private airline in China to operate the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner; the first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner was delivered in October 2018, and since then, 6 of the total 10 orders has been delivered. Juneyao Airlines utilised the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to launch a number of international destinations, with two international routes from Shanghai to Singapore and Shanghai to Helsinki, and these Dreamliner are successively utilised on flights to Bangkok, Osaka and Tokyo as well.

Juneyao Airlines currently has 6 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, and there are 4 more to be delivered in the future, forming the airlines single wide-body fleet.

HO1665, take off from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport at 01:55 every Monday morning and arrive at Helsinki Vantaa Airport at 06:10 am local time;

The return flight HO1666 departs at 20:30 local time every Monday evening and arrives in Zhengzhou at 10:00 am the next day.

At the same time, starting from October 11th, Juneyao Airlines will replace some HO1069/HO1070 flights from Shanghai Pudong to Zhengzhou with Boeing 787-9 flights every week to relocate the aircraft to Zhengzhou airport.

“This year the Covid-19 pandemic has an unprecedented impact on the civil aviation industry. However, in the context of the strategic results of domestic pandemic prevention and control, China’s civil aviation is the first to go out. The normal operation is gradually restored. Therefore, the opening of this new route is of extraordinary significance. At the same time, Zhengzhou’s efforts and fruitful results in the layout of the aviation industry are obvious to all, and Juneyao Airlines is also looking forward to the deeper cooperation between the two parties. We chose to deploy Juneyao Airlines’ second intercontinental route in Zhengzhou, which is precisely because of the vigorous economic vitality of Zhengzhou and its status as a transportation hub in the hinterland of the central plains of China.”

Juneyao Airlines vice president Yu Chengji

As the closest hub airport in the straight-line distance of Eurasia, passengers departing from Zhengzhou can easily transfer to London, Paris, Munich, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Budapest, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Zurich and other major European cities through connecting flights from partner Finnair after arriving in Helsinki.

Juneyao Airlines vice president Yu Chengji revealed that after the pandemic situation is further stabilised, Juneyao Airlines will also consider increasing the number of intercontinental flights from Zhengzhou Airport.

Before the pandemic, Juneyao Airlines had planned to open new intercontinental routes starting in March this year, all departing from Shanghai Pudong airport to cities such as Athens, Manchester and Dublin. But since the outbreak of the pandemic, these plans are temporarily unable to continue.



  1. Perfect Thunder

    October 4, 2020 at 12:18 am

    HO1069 seems to be the flight number from Pudong to Vantaa, so this is just the second flight stopping in Zhengzhou.

  2. PVCC2020

    October 4, 2020 at 12:19 am

    In the current market, there is no passenger flow in Shanghai, but there is passenger flow in Zhengzhou?

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Route Network

Singapore Airlines To Bring Back The World’s Longest Non-Stop Service To JFK



Singapore Airlines A350 Livery

Singapore Airlines (SIA) will return to New York on 9 November 2020, when it launches non-stop flights between Singapore and John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Before the pandemic, Singapore Airlines host the title of flying the world’s longest flight by a whooping distance of 15,344 km between Singapore Changi and Newark Liberty airport. The airlines claims by shifting to JFK International Airport would allow them to better accommodate a mix of passenger and cargo traffic on its services to New York in the current operating climate. 

Singapore Airlines’s non-stop services to New York would also be supported by the growing number of transfer passengers who can now transit via Singapore’s Changi Airport.

SIA also anticipates significant cargo demand from a range of industries based in the New York metro area, including pharmaceuticals, e-commerce and technology firms. 

The new service will provide the only non-stop air cargo link from the U.S. Northeast to Singapore, which serves as a regional distribution hub for many major U.S.-based companies.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Onboard B787
Singapore Airlines Business Class Onboard B787

Singapore Airlines will also be operating the route with a 3-class configuration Airbus A350-900 long-range aircraft. This aircraft is configured with 42 Business Class, 24 Premium Economy Class and 187 Economy Class seats.

Today, SIA operates non-stop services to Los Angeles.

It will continue to review its operations to the United States, and assess the growing demand for air travel amid the ongoing recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, before deciding to reinstate services to other points in the country.

“Operating these flights between Singapore and New York’s JFK International Airport represent an important step in the rebuilding of our global network.

Non-stop ultra-long services are the bedrock of our services to the key U.S. market. We will continue to ramp up existing services and reinstate other points as the demand for both passenger and cargo services return.

Despite the challenging times for the airline industry, there are some early signs of optimism about a recovery in air travel.

Our customers say that they are increasingly confident about air travel, given the robust health and safety measures that are in place, as well as testing regimes to protect them and our staff.

This optimism is also driven by recent moves by countries such as Singapore, which are easing the restrictions on both transit and inbound passengers in a safe and gradual manner.”

Lee Lik Hsin, Executive Vice President Commercial for Singapore Airlines

Resuming New York Services From A New Home

Details of the flight services are shown below:

FlightFlight DaysDeparture Time*Arrival Time*Flight Time
SQ 24 SIN-JFKMon, Wed, Sat22573018 hours 5 minutes
SQ 23 JFK-SINMon, Wed, Fri22300610 (+2 days)18 hours 40 minutes
*All timings in local time

Starting on 9 November 2020, flight number SQ24 will operate from Singapore Changi Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport three-times weekly, and same return frequencies under SQ23 will be flown from 11 November 2020.

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