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Lufthansa Senator Lounge is just 100 steps away from the Business Lounge which they would allow passengers travelling on Business Class with Lufthansa or passengers with non-lufthansa star alliance travelling on First Class to enter.(the star alliance status applies the same, but still) To show you how next to each other this two lounges are, here’s the map.(with the point note)

As silly as I was, I spent the majority of my transit time at their Business Class Lounge as the common sense,Business Class = Business Lounge, then I past through the senator lounge thinking maybe one day, I can afford to be in the Senator Lounge with all my hard-owned Senator Status, not clicked still.

I tried to speak to the staff at the gate, and they just scanned at my boarding pass, there it clicked. Fortunately I did not miss anything too much as this post will show you, there are just very few minor differences between the 2 lounges.

So here it goes:

The entry is more spacious and has a hallway which could be both the structure design or just to make it looks more graceful.

The iconic Lufthansa silver logo.

Albert Aviation Airlines Hotels Lounges Reviews Lufthansa Senator Lounge Review Frankfurt Airport Schengen Area Air China Air Canada Air Berlin Air France

The drink and cookie selection counter are still the same as in the Business Lounge (feel like I refer to it too much already 🙂 )

They have a star shaped donut here, or maybe they just have different shapes depends on the day, their kitchen is probably connected for both lounges.

Very nicely placed and quiet a variety of choices.

Newspaper collection and live new broadcasting next to a coat hanger? Suit and business, already liking it.

Ample seating arrangement, you see the double coach in the middle, that’s where I always sit. Cuz if you tired u lay, boo !

Sunset, high glass window and concourse view, mood setting on point.

A very decent amount of drinking selection. Still the same as Business Lounge.

Phone Booth again, finally see someone using it here.

Kids Corner, nice touch !

Office Area

Smoking Area and this is something Business Lounge doesn’t has.

Entrance Area or Exit in front of the reception.

Free Charing and Free Luggage Storage

Okay, anyway guys, here’s the review on the senator lounge, don’t forget to compare it with my Business Lounge review as the majority of the amenities are just the same as Business Lounge.

However, the bonus here it’s the view on showers. I would like to start again with a funny 4 line joke.

A:”Can I shower now?”

X:”No, in 3 hours.”

A:Face turn shock

X:”Just kidding, here’s the key, you can shower now.

Yeah, I am the A and X’s the staff working for the shower arrangements.

Here’s the showers, very nice thoughts and good amount of space.

Unfortunately this is where this post have to end and look again at the sunset at Lufthansa base, I would very much like to hear what you guys think about this and how was your experience with lounges at Frankfurt ?

Albert K. Field Albert is my name, and travel the world is my game. I began my passion for travel at a very young age, I started this website as a strong means to further explore the world of frequent flyers programs (FFP). The relationship between customers and service providers in the aviation and hospitality industry always seems to be in opposition, however, since the introduction of United Airlines’ Frequent Flyers Programm since 1972*. This has significantly eased the middle spectrum between 2 parties. While the aim of airlines is still to generate more revenue; but for us,as consumers, are also given the opportunity to participate in the bargaining and exploiting from service providers. Living in a world of globalization where big data becomes vital for simulating successful economical activities, most of us will have to travel to other locations whether willingly or unwillingly, while you hearing all this fascinating stories about others, In fact, you too, can blend into the trend. It may not sound like how media illustrates, but indeed there are possibilities for us to have more spontaneous travel without getting held back by financial situation. My website consists of reviews of airline premium cabin products,airport lounges and stay reports of 5-star hotels and their executive lounges across the globe. In addition to all of that, I care the most about their frequent flyers program and loyalty program, which also includes banking partners. Plus, I spontaneously put up reviews and news update regarding premium water brands and restaurants. The purpose of this website is to share all of this information with my audience as well as inviting you to be part of my journey.

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Lounge Reviews

LOT Business Polonez Lounge + Star Alliance Elite Club Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland Review



LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Entrance
LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Polonez Sign

Business Lounge Polonez Sign

As the hub operator at Warsaw Chopin airport, LOT Polish Airlines’ lounge within the Schengen area is conveniently located right above the fast track security area. The lounge is not exceptionally big, and during my time of visit before my flight to Frankfurt, the entire lounge was overcrowded. I did managed to find a seat at the corner of the lounge, but no great pictures of different seating options were captured.

LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Entrance

Business Lounge Entrance

Practical Info

  • Location: Terminal A, Schengen area,mezzanine above departures level, close to gate 25/26, accessible by stair or lift;
  • Opening Hours: 5:00 – 23:00;
  • Wi-Fi access: Yes
  • Admission: Business Class, Star Alliance Gold and above, Hon Circle Senator and FTL.


LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Newspaper Stand

Business Lounge Newspaper Stand

The lounge was divided into two different areas, one for business class passengers and one for Star Alliance Gold elites. There’s another check-in agent at the elite lounge which will check your boarding pass again. The elite lounge also has slightly better food and drinks options.

LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Hanging Chair

Business Lounge Hanging Chair

Here’s the only picture I got at the Business Polonez Lounge, as the rest of the area are fully occupied.

LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Food Station Items

Business Lounge Food Station Items

LOT Polish Airlines Business Polonez Lounge Snacks

Polonez Lounge Snacks

LOT Polish Airlines Business Lounge Polonez Lounge Food Station

Polonez Lounge Food Station

The food and drinks selection are already exceptional at the business lounge area, they have a different variety of options from fresh fruits to snacks and cold cut plate to warm dishes.


The entrance to the Star Alliance Elite Club lounge is quiet narrow, but once entered, you will have a more intimate and private area to relax in.

LOT Polish Airlines Star Alliance Elite Club Lounge Entrance

Star Alliance Elite Club Lounge Entrance

LOT Polish Airlines Elite Club Lounge Seating Sofas

Seating Sofas

LOT Polish Airlines Elite Club Lounge Wall Decorations

Wall Decor

Unfortunately, this part of the lounge was also packed during my visit, so the I only managed to grab some pictures of the seating area in the end hall of the lounge.

LOT Polish Airlines Elite Club Lounge Service Area Overview

Service Area Overview

The elite club lounge offers more choices of warm dishes and better dessert options. Food and drinks at both lounges are being replenished at a fast pace, as numerous staff were constantly working at different stations in the lounge.

Another impressive features is that the lounge offers free spa treatment for all passengers, though they don’t offer full body treatments, you would be able to choose between facial, neck or foot. I was anxious to take off my shoes, so I went with the facial.

The lady who did the treatment was extremely nice, she told me that the lounge been doing the free spa treatment for two years now. Upon finish with the treatment you will also get a free sample of their partner brand’s cosmetic products.

LOT Polish Airlines Business Polonez Lounge Free Treatment Sign

Lounge Free Treatment Sign

Bottom Line

The lounge offers some quality food and drinks options for passengers, most passengers would be able to have a enjoyable visit with all the different features they managed to offer. You may also read my flight review with LOT Polish Airlines.

LOT Polish Airlines Short-haul Business Class Food Service

Short-haul Business Class Food Service

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Lounge Reviews

SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Review Oslo Airport, Norway



SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Entrance

SAS Next Generation Lounge is a brand new lounge opened last year at Oslo airport, Norway. SAS claims that the lounge adopts innovative and technologically enhanced amenities to provide passengers with quality experiences.The renovation being done at SAS lounges at Copenhagen airport will follow the same concept.

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Entrance Sideview

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Entrance Side View

After soon one year of operation, I’ve come to review the first next-gen SAS lounge myself. Conveniently located right after security control, it allows both domestic and international passengers to access it if they desire to.

Practical Info:

Contracted Airlines:

SAS, Airlines within Star Alliance and Icelandic Air.

Opening Hours:

Opens: Approximately 60 minutes before the first scheduled SAS departure

Closes: Approximately 30 minutes before the last scheduled SAS departure

Paid Offers:

During online check-in: From DKK 179/NOK 229/SEK 239/EUR 24/USD 32, or 2800 EuroBonus points. If you are a EuroBonus-member you can pay with your points.

At the airport: Only DKK 219/NOK 279/SEK 289/EUR 30/USD 46 or 3000 EuroBonus points at SAS Self Service kiosk (by card only).

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Hallway

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Hallway

Facts :

300 seats, 9 bathrooms, 3 showers (+2 inside the gym) and 3 guest offices

A café with a qualified Barista,

A lounge host

“True traveler wall” digital screen


Spa service

Buffet and kitchen area

Scandinavian style living room with a small fireplace simulator

Innovation hub including a 3D avatar scanner (already gone)

Daylight booster room

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Sign

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Sign


The lounge is located at the second level of the departure floor, you may access it by lift or stairs. You will have to scan your boarding pass on the automated gates and then you will be greeted by their “first impression maker” – a lounge host. The host is also in charged of helping out with all your other inquiries as they are the only qualified staff from the airline.

You may use this lounge even if you are travelling on an international ticket as long as you make time for the secondary security check point and duty-free.

SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Oslo Entrance Gate

SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Oslo Entrance Gate

Right after entering, you will notice the massive digital screen showing live statistics about SAS.

SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Oslo Innovative Display

SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Oslo Innovative Display

Another feature SAS is very proud to present to passengers is their Cafe bar with a proper barista who will greet you and make you the drink you would like. As scandinavian countries are among those who drink the most coffee, I would dictate that this could be a popular implementation of fake “new” service with hidden cost-cutting undertones.

SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Oslo Cafe Counter

SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Oslo Cafe Counter


SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Entrance Seating Atrium Area

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Entrance Seating Atrium Area

You will find the next-gen lounge seating are filled with the new Nordic smart-living solutions while the furnishing are leaning more towards IKEA standards.

the Scandinavian living room

The Scandinavian living room

Seating desks and chairs

Seating desks and chairs replacing 3D avatar scanner

SAS Lounge Oslo - Cafe bar high chairs

Cafe bar high chairs

SAS Lounge Oslo Norway - Desk and seatings stols

Desk and seating stools

SAS lounge Oslo Norway - sofa seating area

Sofa seating area

SAS next generation lounge Oslo Norway - sofa seating

Sofa seating

All in all, the new seating space looks great in picture, but in reality you would find the chairs are too tight against each other while the sofa are so huge that people can just lay down. When passengers are not travelling with a big group, the huge sofa set fits 20 people ending up being divided by 5 businessmen each “manspreading” their legs around.

Dinning Area

Oslo SAS Next Generation Lounge Food Station

Food Station

The lounge is bringing guests with the new Nordic food experience.  Still mainly cold dish offerings, they are also offering a slightly larger selection in the new lounge.

Smart Juice Dispenser

Smart Juice Dispenser

Cold complements

Cold complements

Breakfast Oatmeal

Breakfast Oatmeal

Breakfast Offering

Breakfast Offering

Fruits for display

Fruits for display

Service counter

Service counter



Gluten-free corner

Gluten-free corner

Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

food offering layout

Food station layout

Yogurt and milk

Yogurt and milk

Soda drinks machine

Soda drinks machine

Beer and wine on tap

Beer and wine on tap

Tea offering

Tea offering



SAS next generation lounge Oslo Norway - Norwegian Bread

Norwegian Bread

Overall the food and drinks offering at the new lounge is on par with all the other SAS lounges, while not extensively expanded, rather a new way to present the same thing.

Gym Area

A great highlight of the SAS next-gen lounge is the fully equipped gym they are offering to passengers through a partnership with SATS.

I hardly see any passenger using the gym during my visit. They used to even require pre-booking to use the facility, but now anyone can just drop-in if they desire so. Luckily SAS is not losing much financially by keeping the space empty as they can easily convert this space for more seating after their partnership ends with SATS.

Other hub operator airlines like Singapore and Emirates also offer gym facility in their lounges, but I do think days left for the gym at Oslo airport is limited.

Innovation Hub

Through another partnership with HP, SAS is able to combine a brand promotion deal and their business center together as guests can browse HP’s new products while surfing the net. Not a dumb way to save money, but the advertised 3D avatar scanner is already gone not after one year since their lounge opened, I do think that put some weight on their marketning gimmick here.

Daylight Booster

The lounge is equipped with ambient lighting – through another partnership with Philips. In addition to all the tasteful lighting placement throughout the lounge(which I really enjoy), a light room is being featured as well.

SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Oslo Daylight Booster Area

SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Oslo Daylight Booster Area


SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Oslo Daylight Booster Area Working Station

You may work in the light room while you absorb it all in. I’d rather call it a selfie room as there’s no dead corner once you shut the curtains. Maybe that way they can target millennials better? After all, they are travellers.

SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Oslo Daylight Booster Area Lighting Screen

SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Oslo Daylight Booster Area Lighting Screen

Guest Office

There are three guest offices all the way in the corner of the lounge. These little insulated  boxes are quiet standard for SAS lounges, but the new ones has even allowed curtains on the door so you can get full privacy if you want to.

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Oslo, Norway Guest Office Area

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Oslo, Norway Guest Office Area

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Oslo, Norway Guest Office Setup

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Oslo, Norway Guest Office Setup

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Oslo, Norway Guest Office Interior

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Oslo, Norway Guest Office Interior


There are three proper shower suites in the lounge with two additional ones in the gym. The shower is spacious and sleek-looking. Shampoo and soap are placed in plastic dispensers.


  • Lighting – Philips
  • Porcelain – Figgjo
  • Juice – Rynkeby
  • Portable chargers – Concept Communication
  • Innovation Hub – HP
  • Gym – SATS
  • Spa – Soleus


The SAS Next Generation Lounge at Oslo airport in many ways is a great improvement within their financial capabilities. Compared to the old cramped SAS domestic lounge at Oslo airport, the new lounge is definitely better in so many ways. The lounge allowed itself with great flexibility as some of the amenities in the lounge can come and leave as they want to. This is a smart way of cost-saving when the entire industry is shifting towards that direction. Most passengers will be impressed by the great new design of the lounge, but maybe instead of throwing money on things business passengers don’t need, offering a more extended food and drinks option can be a more honest way to improve passenger satisfaction. Maybe they are too poor to do so after cancelling the Beirut, Lebanon route shortly after they launched it?

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Hallway Lightning

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Hallway Lightning

I was not able to test out their SPA offerings as well as their lunch and dinner food and drinks offerings, but in many ways, the lounge is creating more of a cafe vibe for passengers.

What’s your experience at SAS lounges?

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