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Lufthansa Senator Lounge Review Frankfurt Airport Schengen Area



Lufthansa Senator Lounge is just 100 steps away from the Business Lounge which they would allow passengers travelling on Business Class with Lufthansa or passengers with non-lufthansa star alliance travelling on First Class to enter.(the star alliance status applies the same, but still) To show you how next to each other this two lounges are, here’s the map.(with the point note)

As silly as I was, I spent the majority of my transit time at their Business Class Lounge as the common sense,Business Class = Business Lounge, then I past through the senator lounge thinking maybe one day, I can afford to be in the Senator Lounge with all my hard-owned Senator Status, not clicked still.

I tried to speak to the staff at the gate, and they just scanned at my boarding pass, there it clicked. Fortunately I did not miss anything too much as this post will show you, there are just very few minor differences between the 2 lounges.

So here it goes:

The entry is more spacious and has a hallway which could be both the structure design or just to make it looks more graceful.

The iconic Lufthansa silver logo.

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The drink and cookie selection counter are still the same as in the Business Lounge (feel like I refer to it too much already 🙂 )

They have a star shaped donut here, or maybe they just have different shapes depends on the day, their kitchen is probably connected for both lounges.

Very nicely placed and quiet a variety of choices.

Newspaper collection and live new broadcasting next to a coat hanger? Suit and business, already liking it.

Ample seating arrangement, you see the double coach in the middle, that’s where I always sit. Cuz if you tired u lay, boo !

Sunset, high glass window and concourse view, mood setting on point.

A very decent amount of drinking selection. Still the same as Business Lounge.

Phone Booth again, finally see someone using it here.

Kids Corner, nice touch !

Office Area

Smoking Area and this is something Business Lounge doesn’t has.

Entrance Area or Exit in front of the reception.

Free Charing and Free Luggage Storage

Okay, anyway guys, here’s the review on the senator lounge, don’t forget to compare it with my Business Lounge review as the majority of the amenities are just the same as Business Lounge.

However, the bonus here it’s the view on showers. I would like to start again with a funny 4 line joke.

A:”Can I shower now?”

X:”No, in 3 hours.”

A:Face turn shock

X:”Just kidding, here’s the key, you can shower now.

Yeah, I am the A and X’s the staff working for the shower arrangements.

Here’s the showers, very nice thoughts and good amount of space.

Unfortunately this is where this post have to end and look again at the sunset at Lufthansa base, I would very much like to hear what you guys think about this and how was your experience with lounges at Frankfurt ?

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Lounge Reviews

Air France Salon Lounge Lyon Review, France




The Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport is the second main hub for Air France’s regional subsidiary HOP!, the airline is created to help Air France to keep market share, the only all year round Air France flight operates from Lyon is a feeder route to Paris Charles De Gaulle. The lounge is newly renovated earlier this year and it’s located right outside the gate 21B boarding area; the auto-sliding door at the entrance will get you a lot of attention from people waiting for boarding outside.

Salon Lounge Lyon Decor Details
Salon Lounge Lyon Decor Details

Practical Info:

Contracted Airlines:

  • Air France
  • HOP! by Air France
  • Aeroflot
  • KLM


  • Business Class, First Class on contracted airlines
  • Skyteam Elite
  • €25 or 6,000 Flying Blue Miles *subject to availability

Opening Hours:

  • 5:40-22:00

Area Size:

  • 280 sq. m.
  • 85 seats
  • Dedicated Platinum Ultimate area
Salon Lounge Lyon Air France Entrance
Salon Lounge Lyon Air France Entrance

Seating Area:

Seating Area Salon Lounge Lyon
Seating Area Salon Lounge Lyon

After the renovation earlier this year, the lounge now looks in line with Air France’s new design concept of French chic and elegance, the seating are more comfortable, with different layout options that suits to different passengers need.

Seating Area Near Concourse
Seating Area Near Concourse

In addition to newer seating design, Air France went one step ahead with more dedicated attention for its first class La Premier and Platinum Ultimate passengers with an exclusive seating area which are blocked for them, this corner will get you special attention from lounge staff which includes a light conversation regarding your personal life and then they will bring the slev service items from the counter all the way to you, and even more, they might prepare you with the selv-serve counter snacks to be nicely unwrapped onto a plate in the kitchen and serve it to you with fork, knife and napkins. You will of course also get all the eye attention from other normal elites through the glass wall.

Platinum Ultimate Area Lyon Air France Salon Lounge

Food & Drinks:

The food and drinks options are rather limited, this can be the problem for all Air France Salon Lounges, packaged biscuits and crackers are hardly something people really want to eat, there are as daw as chewing wax, but they are served only for the purpose of having things to offer.

Snacks Option Tresors Poppy Pepper Crackers
Snacks Option Tresors Poppy Pepper Crackers
Packaged Snacks Apple Cake Biscuits
Packaged Snacks Apple Cake Biscuits
Fruit Display Pineapple Cuts
Fruit Display Pineapple Cuts
Pastry Display Counter
Pastry Display Counter
Drink Service Cups
Drink Service Cups

Although the hot drink cups came with a new design, so came the cost-cutting measures like having the chocolate or tea bag being fixed to the cup itself which kan save their staff more time to do inventories check while passengers can feel more like visiting a fast food joint.

Drinks & Beer Display
Drinks & Beer Display


The Air France Salon Lounge at Lyon airport came with the newly expanded Terminal 2 building, facilities and amenities inside the terminal are kept at the minimum while being new and clean, so is what I have to comment about the new lounge. The lounge decor is up to date with Air France’s overall new service concept, while cost cutting had been put into practice at every aspect possible. I certainly wouldn’t recommend paying in any form to gain access to this lounge, as during quieter hours, the terminal itself has more area to sit and explore than this.

Being a frequent traveller these days can only remind people of lowering their own expectations, though the hallway inside the lounge does bring you some peace and solitude while being at such a hectic place like the airport.

Tarmac View From The Lounge
Tarmac View From The Lounge

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