Use SAS Youth Tickets To Attain Star Alliance Lifetime Gold Status

Do you want to become a Star Alliance lifetime gold member before hitting mid-life crisis?
Do you believe that it would be financially-draining even though if you had the energy?
Do you think it would be an impossible flying schedule even if you can pull off the money?

Well, worry not, Albert is here to enlighten you.

Are you also happened to be Young, Dumb and kind of Broke?

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Gdansk Airport Lounge Review Poland

Gdansk isn’t necessarily a big city, but during my short visit, I can’t help but notice how new everything is, from brand new hotel buildings and sleek-looking airport facilities, along with many more projects under construction, I am sure Gdansk will become an even more popular destination.

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Eventyr Lounge Copenhagen,Denmark Review

The Eventyr Lounge is a fairly new lounge at Copenhagen airport, I didn’t know that there won’t be access for SAS lounge after passport control and it would be a huge hassle to go though that again then I decide to check out this lounge instead. If you are flying with non-star alliance carriers to non-schengen countries, there are two other lounges available as well, but overall I would say this one is definitely the best.

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SAS Lab Launched Flight Award Calendar

Previous if you want to find business class awards redemption availability, you would have to depend on some private developer’s site like Travelhacks, but right now it looks like it will be finally possible to use the SAS site to navigate around to find award redemption availability. The site like Travelhacks has worked fine for many people and still works today.

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Stay Report: Hilton Gdansk,Poland (No Lounge)

Til this day, you would think it’s normal for any Hilton chain hotel to feature an executive lounge, however this is not the case with Hilton Gdansk. First I would have to admit that the property itself isn’t necessarily in a large building complex. So by having a mere over 100 rooms might excuse them from having a lounge; besides their service was in no way anything less of Hilton standards.

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