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SAS Lifetime Gold Status Is Here (Finally)



It’s been years since Scandinavian Airlines first planned to introduce life time gold membership with Eurobonus(Star Alliance Gold), and it’s finally here. As per Flysmart24, they will be sending out the very first Euro Bonus Gold Card which is valid for the the rest of life of the recipient.

SAS EuroBonus Gold Status

SAS EuroBonus Gold Status

The long-term scheme will formally be launched first until autumn, but the company has decided that a group of members who are already qualified gold cards will receive their cards during the spring.The new lifetime cards will be issued continuously throughout the spring. It is the company’s most loyal customers who will be invited to receive the gold card for lifetime. To get the card, the holder must have been a gold card for 10 years.

The lifetime gold card from SAS will also guarantee all the benefits of the Star Alliance gold which is definitely practical to have.

To qualify for a gold card requires extensive travel activity by air, and issued for a yearly basis to those who reach the qualifying limit.The limit is that the member either accumulates 45,000 basic points in EuroBonus over a year or has flew 45 individual flight segments with SAS or on selected routes with Widerøe during the same period.(Star Alliance also.)

To receive the gold card for lifetime will require such activity in progress for 10 consecutive years which for SAS as relatively a boutique airline based in Scandinavia will make such status out of reach for many people reside outside the Nordic region.

Points accumulated as a result of using credit cards, car hire, hotel stays or other earning opportunities do not count. However, for those who have been close to qualifying for gold cards a year, it is possible to buy status points to reach the annual qualifying limit. You may log in with your Eurobonus credentials here to see if you are able to buy Basic points if you’re missing a maximum of 5 000 points to reach Silver, 15 000 points to reach Gold or 30 000 to reach Diamond status.

SAS EuroBonus Diamond Status

SAS EuroBonus Diamond Status

Many who have the highest status of diamond level, have had the opportunity to give away one gold card or one silver card to family or friend who have not been eligible. However, getting the gold card as a gift will not count towards the time period required to achieve a lifetime gold.

How To Give Away A EuroBonus Status Membership?

EuroBonus Gold and Diamond members can give away Gold and Silver memberships to friends and family members. All you need is the recipient’s EuroBonus number.

If you achieve Diamond level during your qualifying period, you may give away one Gold card and one Silver card each year you qualify for the status, Diamond members enjoy a 3 month grace period after you qualifying period ends and you status will be updated after the 3 month grace period ends.

A Gold level member can only give away one Silver card during each qualifying year. You may give away a status membership here.


SAS Eurobonus Membership Give Away

The person who receive Gold and Silver memberships enjoy all of the benefits of each level, except for the benefit of giving away membership.

SAS Fast Track

SAS Fast Track

The gold card has a number of advantages. It gives the proprietor the right to use the fast track security at many airports, visit lounges at home and abroad with members of the Star Alliance, bring extra luggage for free, choose seat at ticket kiosk and earn more bonus points when flying.

What Is Lifetime Gold?

As a Lifetime Gold member, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of the EuroBonus Gold membership for the rest of your life. If you’re a Gold or Diamond member that satisfies the requirements of EuroBonus Gold membership for 10 consecutive years, SAS will honour you with a Lifetime Gold membership.

As a Lifetime Gold member, you’ll enjoy exceptional Gold benefits for the rest of your life – even if your travel needs change.

  • If you’re already a Gold or Diamond member, you’ll keep your current status and EuroBonus card.
  • You’ll never be downgraded from Gold and you’ll get a new EuroBonus Gold card every year.

How To Qualify For Lifetime Gold?

To be awarded with Lifetime Gold, you need to qualify for Gold status by earning Basic points or taking qualifying trips on SAS or Wideroe. You’ll be awarded a Lifetime Gold membership if you qualify for EuroBonus Gold for 10 consecutive years from 2002 by earning Basic points or taking qualifying trips on SAS or Wideroe.

Travellers of any age can qualify for Lifetime Gold.

How To Check How Many Years You Have Qualified To Get Lifetime Status?

Qualify for EuroBonus Gold 10 years in a row and get Lifetime Gold status. In other words, Gold status forever. You may check how many year you have qualified for EuroBonus Gold consecutively through this link.

FAQs About Lifetime Gold

What if I miss a year and travel less because of a change in my life situation?

Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to the qualification requirements for Lifetime Gold.

I’ve been a EuroBonus Gold member for at least 10 consecutive years, but I haven’t been awarded Lifetime Gold. Why?

To be awarded with Lifetime Gold membership, you need to qualify for EuroBonus Gold status every year for 10 consecutive years by earning Basic points or taking qualifying flights on SAS or Wideroe.

If you’ve received a Gold card as a gift from a Diamond member, as part of a corporate agreement or through means other than earning Basic points or taking qualifying flights, your Gold status during this time does not count towards Lifetime Gold.

Additionally, when you reach EuroBonus Gold or Diamond, you will have this status for the rest of your current qualifying period and for the next qualifying period. To qualify for Lifetime Gold, however, you’ll need to requalify for at least Gold status during each qualifying period. Flights taken within Norway between August 2002 – May 2013 do not qualify for Liftime Gold due to Government restrictions enforced by the Norwegian Competition Authority.

Is there a specific Lifetime Gold card?

No. As a Lifetime Gold member, you’ll receive a Gold or Diamond card, depending on how much you fly. You’ll never be downgraded from Gold and you’ll receive a EuroBonus Gold card every year for the rest of your life.

Why are the qualification requirements different for different years?

The qualification requirements for years in the historic table show the requirements for EuroBonus Gold at that particular time. Since SAS EuroBonus qualification requirements have changed over the years to reflect changes such as new Basic point earnings, the data in the historic table reflects this.

I’m currently a Diamond member and I have qualified for Lifetime Gold. What’s my status?

If you’re a EuroBonus Diamond member, you’ll keep your Diamond status and receive a Diamond card every year as long as you qualify for Diamond. When you no longer qualify for Diamond, you’ll be downgraded to EuroBonus Gold and enjoy a Gold membership for the rest of your life.

Albert K. Field Albert is my name, and travel the world is my game. I began my passion for travel at a very young age, I started this website as a strong means to further explore the world of frequent flyers programs (FFP). The relationship between customers and service providers in the aviation and hospitality industry always seems to be in opposition, however, since the introduction of United Airlines’ Frequent Flyers Programm since 1972*. This has significantly eased the middle spectrum between 2 parties. While the aim of airlines is still to generate more revenue; but for us,as consumers, are also given the opportunity to participate in the bargaining and exploiting from service providers. Living in a world of globalization where big data becomes vital for simulating successful economical activities, most of us will have to travel to other locations whether willingly or unwillingly, while you hearing all this fascinating stories about others, In fact, you too, can blend into the trend. It may not sound like how media illustrates, but indeed there are possibilities for us to have more spontaneous travel without getting held back by financial situation. My website consists of reviews of airline premium cabin products,airport lounges and stay reports of 5-star hotels and their executive lounges across the globe. In addition to all of that, I care the most about their frequent flyers program and loyalty program, which also includes banking partners. Plus, I spontaneously put up reviews and news update regarding premium water brands and restaurants. The purpose of this website is to share all of this information with my audience as well as inviting you to be part of my journey.



  1. BERGEN-Flyer

    April 16, 2020 at 2:53 pm

    Is there any way to check how many consecutive years a person already has? I am on 6 or 7, but honestly cannot remember my first year as Gold.


      April 16, 2020 at 2:56 pm

      The post has been updated now, looks more informative now.

  2. TYO for Japan

    April 16, 2020 at 2:55 pm

    I am certainly hoping “soft landing” gold will count…

  3. Lucas Deminara

    May 16, 2020 at 12:33 am


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SAS Extends All EuroBonus Members Status For 12 Months



SAS A350 Business Class
After weeks of dissatisfaction from the airline’s most loyal customers, SAS finally follows what many has already done by offering EuroBonus members a 12-month extension on their current membership level.
SAS Plus Cabin
SAS Plus Cabin

SAS writes in a press release that active EuroBonus accounts where the member has reached their current status level on their own, either by earning qualifying points or through qualifying number of flights, will automatically receive this courtesy benefit of getting their status extended for 12 months. This benefit will be applied to all status holding members whose expiry date of their qualification period ends between March 31st 2020 and February 28th, 2021. Gold members who receive their status from a Diamond member give away will not get their status extended without having qualified for the status on their own.

SAS remains completely dedicated to serving and rewarding our most loyal customers, even in these challenging times. SAS EuroBonus has for many years been a core vehicle to provide frequent SAS flyers with well-deserved features and benefits enhancing their travel experience.

These extraordinary circumstances have forced SAS to temporarily halt the majority of air traffic until further notice. This means that many of our loyal EuroBonus members are currently challenged to collect the qualifying status points and flights required to maintain their membership levels within the 12-month qualification period.

Even though the full extent and impact of Covid-19 is still unknown, SAS has decided to honor our frequent flyers’ dedication and engagement. We will continue to closely monitor how the situation progresses and determine if additional measures need to be made.

A large number of airlines, including SAS’s partners in the Star Alliance have been earlier out to introduce status extension policies to its frequent flyers who are now hindered from flying. In this regard, SAS has been getting a lot of critics online for not following up.

Eurobonus Status Extension
EuroBonus Status Extension



Due to the extraordinary circumstances, SAS has decided to offer EuroBonus members a 12-month extension on their current membership level. This benefit will be applied automatically to
active EuroBonus accounts where the member has achieved current membership level on own merits, either by earning qualifying points or qualifying flights. The benefit will be applied to
members that have a qualification period with expiry date 31 March 2020 until 28 February 2021.

That means if you are a Gold member with a qualification period expiry date 30 April 2020 and membership level expiry date 31 July 2020 then your Gold membership level will be extended to
31 July 2021.


This extraordinary situation, unfortunately, forces SAS to undertake some unusual measures regarding our customer offerings, including EuroBonus. This naturally affects many customers.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but given the situation, SAS is not able to extend the validity of points that has expired or will expire in the near future.


Currently, we offer the possibility to book an award trip on SAS. Remember that SAS Bonus tickets are always fully refundable and rebookable up until 24h before departure. Bonus flights with SAS can be booked 330 days in advance.

You can also use your points to pay for part of a regular SAS ticket. 

Hotels stays can be booked with points.

Points can also be used in SAS EuroBonus shop – up to 5 000 points/member and week (temporary restriction). Points and credit cards can be combined as payment.


Yes, they will.


No, members do not have to contact SAS Customer Service to apply. 

This benefit will be applied automatically to active Silver, Gold and Diamond EuroBonus accounts with qualification period expiry date 31 March 2020 until 28 February 2021 where member has achieved his/her current member status on own merits, either by earning qualifying points or qualifying flights.


If your current membership level is Gold or above and you are eligible for the membership level extension benefit, then you will be given a new quota of the Give away membership benefit at time
of renewal of your membership level according to the EuroBonus program rules for Give away membership.


If you log in to your EuroBonus account on sas.xx you will find your qualification period expiry date under My EuroBonus. In SAS App you will find your qualification period expiry date by selecting tab


Your current membership level will be extended for 12 months at your membership level expiry date 31 July 2020


The membership level extension benefit means that at your membership level expiry date you will be renewed with current tier level regardless if you have reached the limit for renewal in your previous qualification period.

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Cathay Pacific To Auto Renew Tiers For All Marco Polo Club Members



Cathay Pacific B777-300ER
Earlier this month, Marco Polo Club members were given a helping hand to retain their elite membership with club points relief and benefits extension across February, March and April, and as the COVID-19 situation has evolved into a global pandemic, Cathay Pacific has updated their tier renewal policy today on their site, all Marco Polo Club members with their current tier levels due to expire between May and December 2020 will be renewed automatically for another 12 months when the normal requirement is not met. This includes all club members at Green, Silver, Gold and Diamond levels.

Marco Polo Club Tiers

Marco Polo Club Tiers

“Automatic tier renewal

The COVID-19 situation has evolved into a global pandemic, and many countries have instituted travel bans and restrictions to curb its spread. This in turn has lowered demand and we have significantly reduced capacity across our passenger network.

Renewal of club tiers

Knowing this has seriously affected your ability to travel and may continue to impact your travel plans for some months to come, we are renewing the current tier level of Green, Silver, Gold and Diamond members whose membership period expires from May to December 2020 for another 12 months, even if the normal renewal requirement is not met.

Reissuing of mid-tier benefits

We will also reissue mid-tier benefits that expire between May and December 2020 for another 12 months so you can enjoy them when your travel resumes. The reissue should take 7 working days from the date of expiry.

For the ticketing arrangements and precautionary measures we’re taking, please visit the COVID-19 Information Centre.”

Marco Polo Club Diamond Membership

Marco Polo Club Diamond Membership

This is a textbook example of how a flagship full service carrier should be retaining its customers, with the continuous passenger number drop, Cathay is expecting average daily pax number remain below 1,000 throughout April.

“A potential bright point could be cargo in upcoming weeks. Cargo revenue won’t be enough to offset passenger revenue loss, but it could cushion the blow from high monthly fixed expenses, Cathay has always had one of the strongest cargo operations in the Asia-Pacific. It would make sense for them to capitalise on this leadership and continue adding cargo capacity on key routes.”

Luya You, Transport analyst at Bocom International.

Cathay Pacific B777-300ER

Cathay Pacific B777-300ER

Cathay Pacific had cut capacity by two-fifths and they could continue to extend its April flight reductions of 96 per cent if travel restrictions remains.

Marco Polo Club Status Renewal

Marco Polo Club Status Renewal

Frequently asked questions

What does automatic tier renewal mean?

We appreciate our members’ loyalty. By renewing their membership tier automatically – without the need to apply or have a review – we’re ensuring they can travel in the style they’re accustomed to when they resume flying.

Who is eligible for automatic tier renewal?

Green, Silver, Gold and Diamond members whose memberships expire between May and December 2020 will automatically be renewed at their current tier levels, even if they haven’t earned the club points normally required to retain their status.

When will my status be renewed?

If your membership expires between May and December 2020, your current membership status will automatically be renewed at the end of your membership year for another 12 months.

Do I need to register to renew my status?

No, we will automatically renew your status at the end of your membership year. There is no need to call the service centre.

Where can I find the end date of my membership year?

Sign in to your account and visit the Account Balance page.

If my status will automatically be renewed at my current tier, can I still move up to a higher tier if I’ve earned the required number of club points?

Yes, the normal rules for tier qualification apply.

If my status is automatically renewed, will my club points be reset to zero in the new membership year?

Yes, the normal rule applies – upon renewal, upgrade or downgrade, your club points are automatically reset to zero and a new membership year begins.

Will this tier renewal impact my Asia Miles?

No, your Asia Miles balance remains the same.

I have applied for a Membership Holiday, but my original membership year ends between May and December 2020. Can I cancel my Membership Holiday? Can my status be renewed for another 12 months after my Membership Holiday ends?

If you have not started your Membership Holiday, you can cancel it and your entitlement will be reinstated. Once the Membership Holiday has started, no changes or cancellations can be made; however, for this exceptional situation, we can reinstate your entitlement. The automatic tier renewal only applies to memberships expiring between May and December 2020 and can’t be carried forward to the next year.

My mid-tier benefits expired in February/March/April 2020 and were reissued for another 6 months. The new expiry dates fall within the period between May and December 2020 – will they be renewed for another 12 months?

Yes, we will reissue any unused mid-tier benefits that expire between May and December 2020 for another 12 months.

Cathay Pacific Window Seat

Cathay Pacific Window Seat

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