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Things on screen about Aviation that I like

Pam Am TV Series

This is such a great show, even though it got cancelled right after the first season and they probably won’t be able to afford to get Margot Robbie back, every episode has a theme based in different cities,I would still come back to watch this series one more time.

Movie Catch me If you can

This is the type of movie Leonardo would starred in since he works so much better acting like this kind of person with the role setting, there’s a certain element of excitement in which runs through the whole movie and things ain’t just black and white. A must watch in my opinion.

Movie The Aviator (2004)

Man, sometimes you will have the biggest man crash on Leonardo’s acting skills and the characters he portrays. The aviator is something epic and deep as in the movies they did not show the end of his life and his aviation career but it definitely reflects on current time and maybe the future as well.