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SAS Economy Go Class Cabin Overview SAS Economy Go Class Cabin Overview

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Use SAS Youth Tickets To Attain Star Alliance Lifetime Gold Status



  • Do you want to become a Star Alliance lifetime gold member before hitting mid-life crisis?

  • Do you believe that it would be financially-draining even though if you had the energy?

  • Do you think it would be an impossible flying schedule even if you can pull off the money?

Youth ticket on SAS's website

Well, worry not, Albert is here to enlighten you.

Are you also happened to be Young, Dumb and kind of Broke?

Young, by young, I mean you have to be over 12 years old but under 26. In this way, you fit into the eligible bracket perfectly to purchase SAS youth ticket.

Dumb, by dumb, I mean you sort of have to fly exclusively with SAS in order to get the most Eurobonus points, as it would be more cost-effective to fly long haul, thus you would have to or from fly only the following destinations to get 4500 Eurobonus points each segment: Hongkong, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, Tokyo.

Broke(kind of), by broke, I mean either you are still a student or you just entered into the job market, or maybe you are an established winner in life and are looking into this for your offsprings. SAS youth ticket on long haul generally cost you around 2600NOK (320USD) return trip include one transfer between the Scandinavian hubs.

Example of youth ticket pricing.

So, by now, you would probably fit part of the criteria above or if you are a lucky bastard you would fit all of it.

Here’s the cheapest possible plan:

Year 1:

Fly five return long haul tickets to one of the six destinations with one transfer within Scandinavia.

For example: Oslo – Stockholm – Hong Kong – Stockholm – Oslo

Do this for five times within one qualifying year.

(Bear in mind everyone’s qualifying period is different starting from the month you sign up)

You first year Eurobonus points earning would be something like this:

(4500+250) x 2 x 5 = 47500 Basic Points

Your first year’s cost to flying solely for points would be:

2600 NOK x 5 = 13,000 NOK equivalent to 1591 USD.

However, this does not include ground transportation and hotel costs, and other living costs like food etc. In Scandinavia, 13,000 NOK is fairly easy to pull off even for a young student, a weekend job for two months or a summer job for two weeks can easily get you that; at least in Norway.

Year 2:

Fly four return long haul tickets to one of the six destinations with one transfer within Scandinavia.

You would only need to fly four returns as you would hit gold status for the first year, and you would be able to earn 25% extra basic points based on that, yes, basic points that will qualify for your status next year.

Your second year Eurobonus points earning:

(4500+250) x 125% x 2 x 4 = 47500 Basic Points.

Second year’s cost:

2600 NOK x 4 = 10400 NOK equivalent to 1273 USD.

You would be able to enjoy fast track, priority boarding and lounge benefits throughout your travel from the second year and it would cost you less as well. You might even get courtesy upgrades for free from SAS go to Plus or even Business if you are extremely lucky.

Year 3 -10:

Continue year 2 plan for another 8 years, and then Lifetime Star Alliance Gold Status will be yours to keep forever.

The Reality:

Of course you can’t do that for 10 years,You would have to be 15 now if you want to do this for ten years straight, so the more practical thing to is just to do this as long as you can enjoy so.

Yes, you might find this article a little bit click-baiting, but think of it as this, you could be in high school or university right now, and you would want to get a head-start in ensuring comfort and flexibility in your career life, so after turning 26, you might find yourself in a much better position among your colleagues when going on hectic business trips.

SAS plus on long haul flights

*This is an update with reference to SAS’s latest update on their EuroBonus program which they have significantly dropped their points earning potential in most economy tickets. So this article won’t be relevant any more.

Albert K. Field Albert is my name, and travel the world is my game. I began my passion for travel at a very young age, I started this website as a strong means to further explore the world of frequent flyers programs (FFP). The relationship between customers and service providers in the aviation and hospitality industry always seems to be in opposition, however, since the introduction of United Airlines’ Frequent Flyers Programm since 1972*. This has significantly eased the middle spectrum between 2 parties. While the aim of airlines is still to generate more revenue; but for us,as consumers, are also given the opportunity to participate in the bargaining and exploiting from service providers. Living in a world of globalization where big data becomes vital for simulating successful economical activities, most of us will have to travel to other locations whether willingly or unwillingly, while you hearing all this fascinating stories about others, In fact, you too, can blend into the trend. It may not sound like how media illustrates, but indeed there are possibilities for us to have more spontaneous travel without getting held back by financial situation. My website consists of reviews of airline premium cabin products,airport lounges and stay reports of 5-star hotels and their executive lounges across the globe. In addition to all of that, I care the most about their frequent flyers program and loyalty program, which also includes banking partners. Plus, I spontaneously put up reviews and news update regarding premium water brands and restaurants. The purpose of this website is to share all of this information with my audience as well as inviting you to be part of my journey.

Airline Strategies

STARLUX Airlines Offers Tier Match With Status From Other Airlines



COSMILE, STARLUX Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Asia’s most ambitious airline start-up STARLUX Airlines is offering tier match with other airlines high-tier members.

STARLUX Airline Tiers Status Match
STARLUX Airline Tiers

COSMILE, STARLUX Airlines’ frequent flyer program is offering various features before any flight has even took off, setting the suspension high for eager passengers who are excited to fly them, from Hollywood production quality safety onboard video to an exclusive “Home in the air” fragrance tailored for STARLUX Airlines’ cabin environment; the airline is offering the good old status match from the very beginning.

Other Airline Member Card Tier Match Application Rules:

  • This application is applied to high-tier of other airline’s frequent flyer member.
  • Please enroll as a COSMILE member first and only can apply once.
    Also, please fill in COSMILE OAL Member Card Tier Match Application Form and attached other airline’s valid member card copy and other airline’s flight record in recent year, then email to STARLUX Customer Service Center ( for application.
  • Before December 31st, 2020, for those who submit the application, the validity of COSMILE card tier will be adjusted to 4 years after approved. As to the upgrade and renewal standards, please follow the terms and conditions of COSMILE.
  • After January 1st, 2021, for those who submit the application, the validity of applied COSMILE card tier, upgrade and renewal standards will follow the terms and conditions of COSMILE after approved.
  • It will take 30 working days for application, please wait for the reply from STARLUX Customer Service Agent.

STARLUX Airlines COSMILE Tiers, Made by Albert Aviation
STARLUX Airlines COSMILE Tiers, Made by Albert Aviation

How To Status Match With STARLUX Airlines:

  1. Register with your email address to Ioin COSMILE;
  2. Download and fill the COSMILE OAL Form with your personal info;
  3. Send a email to STARLUX Customer Service Center by this email –, your email must attach the following documents:
    1. Correctly filled COSMILE OAL Form,
    2. Copy of both sides of the airline tier card you are matching with,
    3. A PDF file of your past year flight activities with the other airline you are holding status with.

The rest for you to do is just wait. As it may take up to 30 days for you to receive an answer.


  • You must do this before the end of year 2020 to get a once-in-a-lifetime status match for a period of 4 years;
  • From the beginning of January 2021, the normal COSMILE terms & conditions would apply, although it’s still quite ambiguous at this point.
  • This blog post will be constantly updated if any changes or any inaccuracy need to be addressed.



STARLUX Airlines COSMILE Frequent Flyer Program

Membership Qualifications: Enrollment in COSMILE is available to anyone two years old or older. Applicants who are 2 years old or older, but less than 20 years old should first file the application from the “Support” section of STARLUX website, and the Customer Service Center will contact the applicant with instructions to complete the application process. The application can then be completed in person at STARLUX Customer Service Center (by the applicant per se or the applicant’s guardian) by submitting the completed “COSMILE Enrollment Form For Applicant from 2 to 19 years old” with copies of the applicant’s or guardian’s ID documents. Minor applicants (2 years old or older but less than 20 years old) will be registered under a family account, and the guardian shall be named as the primary member. Applicants over the age of 20 may enroll directly via STARLUX website or App on a computer or mobile device.

Terms of Membership and Membership Card:

  • Each member may enroll under his or her personal name only and have only one Member ID; therefore, please DO NOT attempt to establish more than one account. Memberships and Member ID are non-transferrable. In order to fulfill its corporate responsibility to the protection of the environment, STARLUX has adopted an e-card system. News regarding card tiers, benefits and mileage requirements will be announed on STARLUX website and App. STARLUX reserves the right to accept or decline any and all applications for membership in the program.
  • The membership card tier and ID number become effective immediately upon issuance of the card. The mileage accumulation is available upon the application for enrollment. Retroactive mileage registration is only accepted within 12 months upon expiration of 3 days after the member takes the flight operated by STARLUX. Please proceed to file the application online via STARLUX’s official website or the APP. In order to deposit the mileage into the member account automatically, the member shall ensure that the English name (particularly the English name on the Ticket) and Member ID used by the member in the transaction shall be identical with those registered by the member in COSMILE membership program.
  • Please keep your own Member ID, email account and password with care. Access to various services or inquiries on STARLUX’s official website or the APP based on the member’s Member ID, email account and password, if any, shall constitute the act done by the member in person. Please DO NOT make your Member ID, email account and password available to any others. STARLUX will not be liable for the damages to the member’s privileges caused by any unauthorized access with the Member ID, email account or password not attributed to STARLUX.
  • A member who wishes to inquire or change his/her personal information (other than English name, date of birth, and email account) shall do so by accessing the COSMILE account via STARLUX’s official website or the APP, or call STARLUX’s Customer Service Center for the same purpose.
  • A member who wishes to change his/her English name, date of birth or email account shall file the application in the “Support” section on STARLUX’s official website. STARLUX Customer Service Center will contact you voluntarily. Then, please complete the application at the city service counter of STARLUX in person on the ground of the completed “Application Form for Personal Data and Relationship Change” attached with your ID documents. For compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act, where the application shall be completed by any person other than the member in person at the counter, the member shall enter his/her signature into the “Principal” section in the application form; otherwise, the application will be rejected accordingly.

General Terms:

  • STARLUX may take legal actions and, without any prior notice, terminate the membership status if any member meets any of the circumstances:
    1. STARLUX may cancel the membership and accumulated mileage of the member who seeks profit through illegal means (including but not limited to, earning mileage under a false name, or selling the mileage or award). The member shall also be responsible for compensation of the equivalent cash amount for the mileage already exchanged for the award.
    2. Demand any undue membership privileges not applicable to his/her membership tier or fail to abide by flight cabin or airport lounge regulations, thereby affecting the other passengers’ privileges or causing trouble to STARLUX’s staff.
    3. Speak words, or conduct deeds, that would endanger STARLUX’s flight safety or infringe upon the other passengers’ privileges.
    4. Make any false or improper representation that injures STARLUX’s goodwill.
    5. Once violated STARLUX’s terms and conditions for carriage of baggage.
    6. Engage in any acts that involve improper use or abuse of membership privileges.
  • The expenses or sub-charges imposed on the award under related laws and regulations, such as tax, government fees and fuel expenses, if any, shall be borne by the member solely.
  • If necessary, please show your e-membership card or the card number when using the airport lounge or accessing any special privileges. Where you fail to show the same or provide your ID documents, STARLUX’s staff reserve the right to decide whether or not the service should be provided subject to the circumstances.
  • The personal information provided by a member is protected under STARLUX’s privacy policy and sed pursuant to the relevant regulations. For the related terms and conditions, please visit STARLUX’s official website. The member’s e-mail account obtained by STARLUX is only intended for delivery of the information related to transactions, services, special privileges, membership privileges and premium policy. STARLUX will send said information to the member via the email and also identify itself as the sender in the email. STARLUX will not be liable for any failure to accumulate or exchange mileage to the member’s account or any potential damage to the member’s privileges due to the failure to send said information resulting from the circumstances not attributed to STARLUX, such as the member’s email account in error, failure in the email system, or member’s request for stopping STARLUX to send such e-mails.
  • STARLUX reserves the right to correct or pursue any inconsistency with regard to the member’s mileage accumulation or special privileges.
  • Member who wishes to terminate the membership shall file the application in the “Support” section on STARLUX’s official website. The Customer Service Center will contact you voluntarily. Then, please complete the application at the city service counter of STARLUX in person on the ground of the completed “Application Form for Consolidation/Deletion of COSMILE Account” attached with your ID documents. Once the membership account is terminated, the benefits and privileges related to any mileage accumulated will become invalid, no matter whether they are exchanged for the award or not.
  • The ownership of a member’s e-membership card remains vested in STARLUX. STARLUX reserves the right to recall the same, if necessary.
  • STARLUX reserves the right to interpret and apply these terms and conditions. In the case of any alteration hereof, the latest terms and conditions posed on STARLUX’s official website shall apply. STARLUX will not be liable for any loss caused by update of, amendment to, or termination of the terms and conditions. The decision made by STARLUX in each individual case shall constitute its final and irrevocable resolution.
  • Even if any provision herein is held invalid, revocable, illegal or enforceable, the other provisions herein shall remain unaffected and effective.

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Airline Strategies

How To Access SAS Lounges On Arrival



SAS Fleet Grounded Picture From Nettavisen

Many of us enjoy lounge access before our flight as it is one of the most important frequent flyers program’s benefits out there. Relaxing in an airline lounge truly makes the whole flying experience stand out. Without the hassle of swimming through pools of people and struggling to find a vacant seat while sitting on an empty stomach; too bad the majority of us can only use it pre-departure.

In general terms, with Star Alliance, you can access member airlines lounges with holding an outbound boarding pass with a member airline’s flight, that’s given by whether by your fare class (premium economy/business/first) or your airline frequent flyer program status (generally Star Alliance gold).

SAS Lounge Access By Fare Class
SAS Lounge Access By Ticket Class

Scandinavian Airlines is one of the five founding members of the Star Alliance, while these days they are operating at the most competitive and price-sensitive commercial aviation market in the world. Their own frequent flyer program – EuroBonus, though might not be the most popular one out there, they do offer rather generous perks to its elite members.

For example, silver members can access SAS lounges on Saturdays and certain holidays. Their newly introduced high-speed wifi is free of charge for members who is Gold and above, while you have to pay for it even in Lufthansa business. For their most loyal Diamond members, when flying in SAS Go (economy), they can have drinks (even snacks sometimes) free of charge throughout the flight. These are some unique benefits which you don’t get with other airlines out there.

SAS High Speed Wifi Netflix
SAS High Speed Wifi Netflix

Unknown to many people, however, what used to be a written perk on its website has now become nowhere to be found, unless you were already elite members 10 years ago.

Yes, you can have access for SAS lounges in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm plus other Café lounges in Scandinavia with all arriving flights if you are holding Diamond status, while only possible to have access to it for long-haul flights arriving from US and Asia if you are a Gold member or Business class/SAS Plus passenger.

SAS Lounge Access By Status Card
SAS Lounge Access By EuroBonus Level

This also apply when you are traveling with a Star Alliance member airline on arrival if your SAS EuroBonus info is registered on the boarding pass.

How To Get Into The Lounge:

Well, you do not have to ask the staff to let you through, by simply scanning your boarding pass(with registered ffp info ofc), you and 1 guest (or up to 4 family members) can enjoy the lounge for a little longer for the day.

SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Oslo Cafe Counter
SAS Next Generation Lounge (Domestic) Oslo Cafe Counter

SAS lounges at their hubs in Oslo are exceptionally new, while their Copenhagen lounge has been renovated recently as well, all their lounges are kept to good standards which offer amenities like shower facilities, sometimes a gym, a spa, a private bedroom or even a barista who will handmake your coffee as you like.

My favorite has to be the mango flavour chai latte which so far they offered it exclusively at the Copenhagen SAS Gold Lounge. You may check out my review of their SAS Lounge + SAS Gold Lounge In Oslo and the new SAS Next Generation (Domestic) Lounge in Oslo.

SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge Entrance Sideview
SAS Next Generation Domestic Lounge

Hope more of your Diamond members out there can utilise this “hidden” perk to your advantage and hope they can resolve this strike issue very soon.

Thanks for reading, remember to try out my favourite Mango Chai Latte by ordering from the SAS Gold lounge’s barista next time you are in Copenhagen .

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