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You Can Use SAS EuroBonus Points Booking Star Alliance Award Flights Online Now*



During my previous posts, I’ve mentioned that SAS is developing a new online platform where members of EuroBonus program can book not only SAS’s own award flights directly but also Star Alliance partners’ awards flights including Singapore Airlines’ First Class Suite. You can even check the entire interview in Norwegian where they talked about the possibility of family-pooling.

SAS Livery, You Can Use SAS EuroBonus Booking Star Alliance Award Flights Online Now*

Now, instead of using United’s site or calling Tallin to try to get a nice phone agent, you can simply check out the award redemptions possibilities on their newly launched site below:

English: Star Alliance Award

Norwegian: Star Alliance Bonusreiser

Danish: Star Alliance Bonusrejser

Swedish: Star Alliance Bonusresor

I tried to play around with the site, only to realise there is a catch to make it one step away from being ideally perfect yet .

The Catch:

For now, the site allows you to check the options on your desired route pairs and it shows how much is needed for the trip, although you can book the trip displayed, you still would have to call up within 48 hours to confirm your booking and get your credit card information ready to pay for taxes and surcharges.

And it looks like you can only call the numbers in Norway, Sweden or Denmark, I could be wrong here since I haven’t checked every SAS site in every country they operate in.

Though since they haven’t openly introduce this linked site, it is said by later this fall, you would be able to do everything online.

You Can Use SAS EuroBonus Booking Star Alliance Award Flights Online Now*

How It Works:

“To book a Star Alliance award trip, just enter your dates above. Then select the trip that suits you best and click on Create temporary booking.

We’ll create a reservation for a trip you can confirm by calling us. We’ll hold your temporary booking for 48 hours and keep you up to date about when it will expire. You can keep track of your temporary booking under My bookings

When you complete your booking, you pay with your EuroBonus points. This is why it’s important to make sure your points are still valid before you call us. Please also have your credit card handy to pay for taxes and fees.

Taxes and fees aren’t included in the point price for the trip and are calculated when you complete your booking by phone.”

Bottom Line:

For many people who have attempted or researched on booking Star Alliance award flights with SAS, It’s proven to be the norm that an intercontinental trip one-way would be costing 70,000 EuroBonus points.

The site doesn’t come to much help yet other than displaying the flights options where you may also find on United.

You Can Use SAS EuroBonus Booking Star Alliance Award Flights Online Now*

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Japan Airlines Reinstates Service To Guangzhou, China From October 2, 2020



Japan Airlines First Airbus 350 Delivery

Japan Airlines (JAL) yesterday revised its flight frequency plans for the month of October 2020. Starting October 2, JAL will reinstate service between Tokyo Narita and Guangzhou with a weekly frequency. 

According to Kyodo News, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines announced on the 24th that they will resume some Chinese routes in the near future.

Currently, the two companies each have only one route to mainland China. Due to the adjustment of flight restrictions by the Chinese authorities, other routes will also be partially restored. This will be the first time scheduled flights to China have been resumed among the routes grounded after the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to the current “Narita-Shanghai” route, ANA will resume the “Narita-Qingdao” and “Narita-Guangzhou” routes from September 30.

Flights to Shanghai are round-trip once a week, and ANA is discussing increasing the number of flights in the future.

JAL currently flying the “Narita-Dalian” route will also add the “Narita-Guangzhou” route from October 2.

Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200
Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200

16SEP Press Memo Dalian Service Chart.png
Note – The schedule is valid for the month of September 2020 only.
Flight schedules for October will be announced at a later date.

Reservations and sales for flights to Guangzhou will be available from September 24. (12:00 Japan Time) In addition, the carrier announced the decision to offer three flights per week between Tokyo Narita=Dalian throughout the month of October.

The JAL Group has continued to implement key measures against COVID-19 to provide our customers with a safe and secure travel experience and look forward to welcoming back customers as international flights gradually return to service.

Note – The schedule is valid through October 23 only.
Future schedules will be announced at a later date.

Flights are subject to government approvals.

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